Professional forex strategies

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professional forex strategies

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Professional forex strategies how to test a forex strategy


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The first short position, which we named Sell 1, allowed traders to successfully enter the market. The third short position Sell 3 would have been much trickier to stay on board without getting stopped out. The trendline trading strategy helps traders enter or stay in a trend. When any part of the price bar penetrates the line on the downside, support may have been broken, or the trendline becomes unreliable. If the move continues to the upside after the trendline is broken, the trendline becomes unreliable.

A breakout is any part of the price bar penetrating a line that you drew on the chart. Some traders require that to qualify as a breakout, the bar component that breaks the line has to be the close. Sometimes the offending breakout is quickly roped back into the herd, but usually, a breakout means that the trend is changing direction, either right away or sometime soon. Ideally, once you have mastered how to draw good trendlines by hand or via automated indicators, you can zoom in and out on multiple time frames, searching for the time frame where it looks like traders are lining up to push the downward trendline support or pushing an upward trendline resistance.

To better determine if you should be taking bounces or breaks from these identified trendlines, you should be first familiar with the trend taking place on the larger time frame. If the technical and fundamentals suggest that the larger trend is up, you would best to look for bounces from upward trendlines or breakouts from downward trendlines on smaller time frame intervals.

If the technical and fundamentals suggest the larger trend is down, you would best to look for bounces from downward trendlines or breakdowns from upward trendlines on smaller time frame intervals. Every once and while there is a break or bounce from a daily time frame itself, and if a definite break occurs, you should be prepared to switch gears; that is, if you were formerly bearish, you will become bullish, and vice-versa.

The daily bar break is a powerful break, and a lucky opportunity if you can find it. However, if you miss the initial breakout of the daily bar, you can always play the retest, the pullback to the support or resistance bar that was just broken, allowing traders who did not get in on the initial breakout a second chance to get in. You would then have the benefit of having former support become resistance, and the former resistance becomes support. If you wish to learn more about this strategy, and other variants, read our in-depth article about the Trendlines Trading Strategy.

Support and resistance represent the backbone of technical analysis. They are the two most highly discussed topics of technical analysis and every serious trader should know how to identify and use them properly. There are many different ways to determine the support and resistance levels, like using the recent price action or the pivot points formula.

For our strategy, we are going to focus on price action. In its simplified form, horizontal support and resistance look something like this:. Within each range, the longer the market retests or confirms each level of support or resistance, the stronger each level is said to be. The logic behind the support is that as price declines towards support and gets cheaper, buyers become more inclined to buy and sellers become less inclined to sell.

Conversely, the logic behind resistance is that as price moves up towards resistance, sellers become more inclined to buy and buyers become less inclined to buy. Once support or a resistance level is broken, other levels will have to be established, perhaps at a former support or resistance levels.

When support is broken, it becomes new resistance, providing backup for your short trades and when a resistance level is broken, it becomes new support, providing backup for your long trades. Support and resistance levels can be drawn using the horizontal line object tool in MT4. You can insert this horizontal line along with the highs and lows of the trading range, wherever it seems that the market had hit a level and bounced back again. Make sure your horizontal touches these highs or lows more than once.

Support and resistance levels trading strategy rules:. The key to successfully trade the support resistance strategy is to always trade with the trend. The trend is your friend, and a zoom out to the daily picture can give you an idea of the trend direction. If you wish to learn more about this strategy, read our in-depth article about the Support and Resistance Trading Strategy.

The major advantage for this strategy is that it is a very common one, as so many traders, including the large institutional professional traders, are using the same levels based on the same formula. There is no discretion involved. In contrast, the method of drawing support and resistance levels and trendlines can be more subjective and impressionist as every trader can notice and draw different lines.

The reason why pivot point strategies are so popular is that those levels are predictive as opposed to lagging. Traders use the information of the previous trading day to calculate the reversal points, or breakout levels, for the current trading day. These levels can be traded much the same way as trading from the regular support and resistance levels and trendlines, using a mix of breakout and bounce trading strategies.

The three most common levels are the PP, R1 and S1. There are several ways to trade with these calculated pivot points but we will focus on the pivot point break trading strategy. If the market breaks through the pivot to the upside, it is a sign that traders are bullish on the pair, and you should start buying.

Conversely, if the price breaks through the pivot on the downside, it is a signal that traders are bearish on the pair and that sellers could have the upper hand for the trading session. Traders started out shorting the pair without waiting for a test of the PP and they shorted it till it was stopped at the S2.

Support level S2 was retested once more, and when it held firm, the market drove the price up to the pivot level. Around the pivot point, there was a struggle between bears and bulls. Eventually, the bulls gained control over the pivot point with an impressive breakout that drove the market straight up to the R1 level. Again, a long battle was staged at the R1 level, which was eventually knocked out as the bulls drove the market up to R2. Notice how the bears made a nice counterattack at the R2 level, violently pushing down the market to retest the PP level.

However, as the day was ultimately in favour of the bulls as they had successfully broken PP earlier in the day, the bears gave up their counterattack at PP, and the bulls were given another chance to get on board for a nice bounce up at PP. Pivot point break trading strategy rules:. All attempts to trade in the direction of a pivot break have the inherent risk that the pivot will hold firm. You might enter thinking the price has penetrated successfully, only to be lured into a trap as the bouncers engulf your position and push you back to your stop.

A breakout that looks as if it had happened but did not continue onwards in the direction of the break is called a false break. What is false is not the break that occurred, but your conclusion about its trajectory. You have to be able to quickly read the price action, the candlesticks that are forming at the moment of the break and soon afterwards to understand how the break is materializing. You also want to make sure that your breakout is a true technical one and not caused by a wild move by an important news release.

Spikes in volatility are common during new events and it can mislead traders. The advantages of using them are that they are more objective than the impressionistic support and resistance lines formed drawn across swing lows and highs. Pivot points are very popular, often so popular that these lines become self-fulfilling, becoming predictive of where the price will stop and reverse or struggle against.

Pivot lines are like a battle map for past and future price action. Once you insert the appropriate pivot lines indicator onto your chart, you can see all the historic battles sites of the market and you can foresee where future battles in the market will be waged. Armed with this knowledge you can then profitably construct your strategies.

The pivot point itself is the centre of the action, and the side that holds the pivot has the upper hand of the day until the pivot is overtaken. To effectively trade the pivot point break strategy, you should be focused on the formation of the first couple of candlesticks that test the line, to see which party is winning, observing if the bars are dominant for bulls or bears and how much shadows they leave behind.

If you would like to learn other pivot point trading strategies, visit our forex academy page Pivot Points Trading Strategy. And there you have it, 3 professional forex trading strategies that work, tried and tested. These forex trading strategies are used by thousands of traders all over the world, especially by expert traders. So, if you are looking for a good forex strategy, make sure to choose one that fits not only your trading style but also one that follows the market trend.

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