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Search results: "Forex Exchange Forum【Copy URL∶】Star investment team teaches financial management】Ranking of the top ten futures companies in. Learn Forex Trading Offline, Cryptocurrency Trading and Bitcoin Trading Beginners To Advance Guide. Learn everything you need to know to start Trading on. REQUEST SPONSOR PACKAGE · VISION FOREX FORUM · MAY A Five Star Venue to be Announced, Limassol, Cyprus · Ready To Move The Markets? · QUBE CONNECT. WALUTA PLN USD FOREX Zero trust solution data mining capabilities. We choose the against bayern munich available that letrevealed the existence of secret. Note This option instance possible to when you purchase the clipboard or complete the Deploy keyboard use.

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We are sorry for this, but to continue work on this free app we need revenue from Ads. If you don't want to see the Ads you can purchase the Pro version. Thanks for your understanding! So far, so good. I am learning about how to jump in on the Bitcoin Trade. Any time I turn on the app it shut down itself. Keeps crashing on my android 9. Fix this. Dear User, thank you for your feedback. We are sorry for this issue.

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Forex Software Products. You are not logged in. Please login or register. Forex Forum Expert Advisor Studio. Portfolio Expert Trading multiple strategies in a single Expert Advisor. Technical Matters Issue reports. Technical ideas or code for improving EA Studio. Premium Club Exclusive area for licensed users.

Priority support, news and early access. Help and Support Find more help. Watch webinars and video tutorials. Tips and hints. Forex Strategies Discussing strategy structure, logic rules, backtest and trading results. Technical Indicators Indicators used in the software. Custom indicators. I hope you are well and had a successful trading week. The market is closed today and will be closed for the next two days. We can take a break this weekend and then plan for the next trading week after analyzing the market.

But I don't want to rest today, so I opened a sell trade in Bitcoin. I placed my TP at and the Sl level is free. I wish you a very happy weekend. USD index outlook: Looking at the current price movement of the US dollar index, we can see that after reaching the level, the dollar index has been steadily declining.

The dollar index fell in value last week, reaching a monthly low of After several days of sideways movement, the USD index appears to be showing signs of decline. If this decline continues, I believe it will continue to fall below the H4 support level of On the daily Bitcoin chart, we can see that bitcoin is currently trading below the strong resistance level of 28,, which is an important level to monitor. If the price does not break through the 28, level, it will continue to fall towards the I've been carefully studying the behaviour of the USD index since it reaches critical levels this week but the close of the market below As it is now, the greenback had sold over pips in just two weeks, this is causing doubt as to whether the market is still observing its major bearish retracement indicated before the fall started in the middle of May.

More credence is needed and next week should be able to shed light on what will unfold. The chart representation below is 5-day pricing and it slopes downwards in readiness for more selling. Also, the USD index had made some significant minor bullish retracement yesterday before it was met with the superiority of the sellers to close with a 0.

I guess more selling is to be witnessed next week, especially at this time that the market closed at A glance at the many US news of this week below reveals that almost all the US news of the week was released negative. The only exception is the Unemployment Claims which were slightly reduced by 7K, while others were released neutral.

We can see the slip started from I am a little bit frustrated at this stage because my financial condition was really bad, but fortunately, I have managed to come back to the original track. Trading history Here you can see my closed position last week in my demo account. I have checked my trading journal, and I found that I have taken o Hello everyone.

Good afternoon everyone. But today I am updating my trading journal late in the afternoon. Meanwhile the USD index is still able to continue its downward movement in a row for the last two days, as I have seen through the daily time frame. It is undeniable if the pressure given by the seller is still so strong all this time.

The opportunity for the USD index to continue its downward movement again is still quite large. The USD index opened below the pivot area located at the level of The price is trying to break through the pivot area again. Due to rejection, in the end, the price closed not far from the support area. Active trade. Sell the way, I opened this trade from And soon I will close this trade and now the market is at I want to open a new trade at the moment, but after closing this trade I will open another trade because Hello everyone: Good afternoon.

Welcome to all readers and viewers, and I hope you are well. Due to bank closures, the Forex market will be closed for 2 days, so we have a holiday. We can't trade today, so I have free time today. I go to the market, shop for myself, and am happy today because I spent time with my friends today and I love it so much.

I want to update my next trade plan and active trades and my 7-day trade history in today's trade. I hope you like my post, and you will like my trade journal for any posts that can be featured in the ranking. My transaction history for the last 7 days: Today I will share with you my seven-day trading history.

My trading account history shows that my account is neither profitable nor lost too much. I made a lot of mistakes last week. I have recovered all the zombies I did last week, and my account is still profitable. Active transactions: I can't activate any trade today because the Forex market is closed due to bank closures, so none of my trades are active.

My next trade plane: I made a clear trading plan for Monday. I hope you like this trading plane; I worked hard and found a good trading pattern. An ascending channel is helping the market price rise. Currently, the market price is above the support at 1. The market price will move up from here and will rise to the red l Trading Journal update on Saturday 28 May This area represented a strong resistance to the price during the week until the price succeeded in breaching it after that so that the price of oil became in buying areas on the 4-hour chart and the daily chart as well.

Next week, it is likely that the focus will be on buying opportunities for oil. The update will be done again when the price channels and weekly pivot levels are updated at the beginning of next week. Greetings to everyone, my trade journal. How are you guys? I hope all is well. Today is Saturday, and the market is closed. Everyone will be enjoying this two-day vacation with their family.

Today, I will tell you what I think of the current and closing trade. Closing process: Yesterday I bought gold at the price of with a lot size of 0. My stop on gold is , and my tech profit is Gold hit my stop-loss, and I lost 5. My market stop loss was On Friday, I opened three trades on gold. And one of those trades, I opened a buy trade and set up two short-term trades.

Also, yesterday I opened a buy trade with a lot size of 0. Trade-in progress: Yesterday I opened a buy trade for with a lot size of 0. My stop-loss on gold is , and my tech profit is When the gold market closed in , I was trading at a loss of 50 1. Fundamental Analysis of Commodities : Hello guys, Happy holiday.

I hope you guys are having a good time with friends and family. Fundamental analysis is a means of examining commodities to predict the future path of least resistance for prices. The principle for fundamental analysis is supply and demand.

Making predictions of the prices of commodities for the future is very complicated because it depends on the equation of supply and demand. If a commodity demand is greater than supply, this means higher pricesn the other hand, prices will drop if supply is greater than demand. The long-term trends in commodities are easier to spot with the fundamental analysis. Most professional commodity traders like to know what the big picture is with commodities by using fundamental analysis.

I believe my fundamental analysis will be very helpful for you guys. Gold: Gold is priced in US dollars; its price is typically inversely connected to the value of the US dollar. According to the fundamental analysis of gold, when everything else is equal, a stronger US dollar tends to lower the gold price. At the same time, a weaker US dollar is likely to drive gold prices higher.

More gold can be bought when the dollar value is weak. Fundamental analysis always shows the direction in which the prices of an asset will most likely move in the long term. The falling of US Treasury bond yields and selling pressure surrounding the dollar helped the yellow metal close the second straight week in positiv Welcome to my trading journal.

After falling to the monthly lower level, the US dollar started to consolidate within a narrow range. At one point, it reversed towards up, but at the end of the trading session, it fell again. The US economy is currently facing higher inflation this decade. The Russia-Ukraine crisis has fueled Crude Oil and other energy prices. Also, the recent lockdown in China disrupted the supply chain. The Federal Reserve has been trying to curb the higher inflation rate by increasing the interest rates.

Active trading positions Currently, I've six trading positions in three different trading instruments. All trading positions are in floating loss. Yesterday, I updated you about all the trading positions. What is the current status of the trading positions? Let's discuss it all in the following paragraphs.

I opened the first sell trading position at the Later, I added another sell trading position at the I didn't put any stop loss or profit target. However, I placed the profit targets into the sell trading positions.

I set the common profit t Hello dears, how are you? I hope you will be fine. Take a look at the USD index movement. The daily chart demonstrates that the index marginally closed above the SMA with a negative bias. The index remained under the seller's influence through the last week.

The buyers have shown some resistance around But failed to restrain negative bias, and the downfall extended to retest SMA at However, the recent closing is at The recent marked low is an indication of another bearish trend. I think the breakdown of the Alternatively, despite being over the day simple moving average of The buyer's initial target finally reached the rebounding of Russia-Ukraine war day 94 update on May.

The Ukrainian army has retraced after facing the Russian force's biggest advancement. The Russian forces captured the railway hub town of Lyman and encircled it. Both are essential strategic areas from Ukraine's point of view. In addition, the Russian forces encircled most cities of Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine.

After losing two major strategic areas in the war on Friday, the Ukrainian officials insisted that their freedom fighters still kept control of the northwestern and southeastern parts of Lyman town. In the region of eastern Donbas, they have firmly held a new defensive line. Economic Colander overview

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