Urban forex strategy

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urban forex strategy

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Description : During a trend, when the market retraces to the blue MA with at least 3 consecutive lower highs 3 towerswe enter at the break of the high of the last high.

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Forex analytics oil today Multiply your cost per pip by the number of pips of risk. You could also look into commodity tradingwhich is an area popular among beginners. Economic Calendar. Share This Article. Retail Sales. The steepness of the trendline can really depend of how your chart is setup. Another effective strategy for beginners is scalping.


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This is based on a lot size of 1, currency units. If this is confusing, just follow my settings and do a test. You will start to get a feel for the numbers. Also compare your results in backtesting to the results in your demo account. That will help you adjust your backtesting settings, if necessary. Multiply your cost per pip by the number of pips of risk. So if your stop loss is pips, your total dollar risk by your cost per pip.

In this example, that means the following. So you should trade 5 lots in this example. The calculator spreadsheet in the download section will help you do this easily or you can create one yourself. Now do that same thing in your broker's trading platform. Since most people use Metatrader, I'll use that as an example. The CCI is a default indicator in Metatrader.

Add it to the Daily chart of the pair you backtested and monitor the signals. Next, setup a free account with MyFxBook. This website will connect to your demo account and collect your trading results. Follow their documentation to connect your account. It will give you reports that tell you things about your trading results that would otherwise take a long time to do manually. To learn how to use MyFxBook, watch this video. Click on the button below to download the Risk Calculator Spreadsheet and Strategy Template for backtesting.

It will make it easier for you to do your tests. Once you have everything setup, you are ready to start testing. Keep in mind that you should test this method on as much data as possible. The more data you have, the more likely the strategy will work in different market conditions. So if this strategy interests you, get started right now! Don't hesitate. Regardless if you have backtesting software or not, everyone with a computer can start forward testing right now.

Everything you need is in this post, you have no excuses. In the next part of this series, I will show you the results of my testing. Stay tuned to find out what happens. If you want to subscribe to blog posts via email, you can subscribe at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to take a publicly available trading strategy from a forum or blog, test it, then write about it, feel free to contact me. I may feature your test here on Trading Heroes. Disclosure: I do get a commission if you buy through some of the links on this page. But it does NOT cost you anything extra, it helps pay for my hosting costs and a portion of the proceeds go to my charity partner. Hi, I'm Hugh.

I'm an independent trader, educator and researcher. I help traders develop their trading psychology and trading strategies. Learn more about me here. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer CCI Divergence Breakout Strategy Testing Plan — Version 1 This post will show you how to test a trading method that is publicly available on another Forex trading site.

By Hugh Kimura In my search for excellent trading strategies, I keep an open mind and review as many methods as I can. I'm done trying to expose scams. I strongly believe that it is a much better use of my time to uncover excellence. The methods I feature are strategies that I feel have a good chance of being profitable systems. I want to bridge that gap with these posts. Instead of jumping in with real money in the beginning, these posts will show you the safe way to get started.

To stimulate meaningful discussion from people who trade these methods with real money. I want to uncover the best trading methods in the world. Deconstructing and writing about trading methods helps me understand them much better. Keep These Things In Mind Of course, past performance does not guarantee future results I don't have any affiliation to this strategy. The only things I know, I have read from their website. Backesting and demo trading is much different than trading real money Even if you give the exact same trading system to 10 traders, you will get 10 different results.

That is the nature of trading. Not all trading methods are testable. Very discretionary systems are difficult to test and some are downright impossible. If a trading method is more discretionary, testing might not be an accurate measure of its profit potential.

I only test methods that are provided for free on blogs and forums. I do not take strategies out of paid courses. His first slide is a recap of what you should be looking for in the markets. Remember that forex is an investment and not a job replacement. You should stick to higher time frames to avoid getting stopped out by the markets. Trust your analysis, trust your process.

And remember to look at other currency pairs to get a birds eye view of the market. We are looking for exhaustion candles. All this means is we want to find where the market has exhausted a certain push in that direction. Exhaustion candles simply tell you the market is getting ready to go in the opposite direction. Remember this should be on the hourly chart and nothing less than that as there is too much noise in the smaller time frame candles.

So once you know how to find Exhaustion candles you can move onto the next stage. These candles are also called hammer or pinbar candles too. So as you can from the screenshot there are 3 day pivot points. Navin recommends having 3 day pivot points on your chart the 1 hour chart remember. He also recommends looking for the exhaustion candles that hover around your pivot points. For example on the 20th October Stop losses should go….

Also Navin recommends putting the stop losses below previous day or 2 days previous pivot lines. Take profits would be again based on structure and pivot lines. Target one would be at previous pivot line of the day before, this is what Navin calls the guaranteed profit zone. I like that term. Remember we want a candle that closes above the pivot points. Another example below including our guaranteed profit zone in the blue. This strategy is very effective on the one hour candles.

Very effective. After these examples Navin continues to show us more and more examples of how well this theory works. That means this is one of the few trading strategies that can actually compound your bankroll. But the strategy gets more evolved. Navin talks about the pairs that act the same as one another and ones that act in an opposite way. For example the following:. All of those currency pairs go the same direction as each other. There are some that go in the opposite direction, e.

Navin recommends trading these pairs at the same time. So we can also look for an exhaustion candle at or near the pivot points on this pair.

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