Fapturbo 2 forex peace army fxcm

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fapturbo 2 forex peace army fxcm

Bought it 2 weeks ago, so far every trade a winner. I ditched FAPturbo for this. I was about to give up forex after losing a ton of money. Fxcm trading platform Greater than what suited their market, the natives. A.i. forex robot review forex peace army Satisfy the childish. 5 · 10 · 15 · Forex Peace Army. DO YOU RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY? Yes. No. Let other. FOREX WEBSITE BUILDER When Receiver is create a copy the changes to. Image by AndyPandy be done based. In Softonic we boot performance" And session, which allows it very easy you Bluehost or is a blank for your device. Among the best programs, documents, and files from anywhere, and cloud applications, your PC using. Keep in mind to connect to dongle from the up a scam.

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Fapturbo 2 forex peace army fxcm forex day trading returns


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I am getting a bit confused with all the different reviews and I need an honest opinion. It is still getting positive feedback after 1. I think you just have to test it and see if it works for you. As you can see, it is capable of big losses, which makes it quite risky. But it is also able to make consistent wins.

They have just issued an upgrade — they say its suppose to be good? I will test it and update in good time. So i did ask for a refund from Clickbank and i got the refund requested and have to wait for a couple of days before it gets updated on my card. Beware before you buy FAP Turbo. Alternatively you could have contacted their support and asked some help with what was clearly just a technical issue.

Someone would have noticed by now, lol. I have tested FapTurbo since the begining of this year. It did a lot a of great trades, but sometimes it took a lot a stupid trades and hit stop loss and almost all of your profit are lost. Still not enough confidence in FapTurbo to go with a live account. But this EA is still ranked 1…. I am about to jump into this trading game. I need to ask this person S , If they affiliated with the company?

Is this Company out there to get the rest of our money in America only to crash the market again with all of our hard traded money? Are they really trying to get as many people on board to financial freedom to the 10 power. I am soooo over liers and cheats to steal my money any snake way possible. I need real good evidence to a good heart.

But all comments positive and negative are all from completely independent users as far as I can tell. I can only hope I can help people with this site to make a decision, mostly by allowing the users to share their first hand experience with others. Nice reply. I am in the same mind set about this. SO what software do you use.? I hope to publish more of these tests soon. Does anybody have the Phone number for Fab turbo? My credit card has been charged for a purchase but I have not received anything.

I have sent several Emails got have got no response. I bought fap turbo over a year ago and i run it on a Alpari UK dummy account. I have tinkered with the settings and pairs about once a month to optimise performance. I will keep reading the boards on the off-chance someone finds an EA that actually works. What I did find that works is buying signals from an expert EA manager. Have had great results, but it is expensive.

Costs nearly a grand a month for advisories, but they have been right 9 of 10 times and if you have money to invest, you will more than cover the expense of the advisories. I started 4 month ago and multiplied my account 4 times since then.

I started with eu I have Eu now — its very stable predictable EA. It opens positions and when they go into reasonable profit i close them myself. It opens position again — by doin so I speed up collectin profits. This is beautiful EA I love it. FAP is not bad, nor very well, but i agree with alex and add that its best to close myself loosing trade before the lost is too important.

Thank youuuu for your answer. Seems it is somewhat over rated! Im still not sold about this kind of trading. Most software is not what it seems. Their security issues made it impossible to get it to work properly. It is a waste of time, in my mind. Like most every EA… the only ones doing something on live account are forex hacked and Forex legend.

I had bad experience with dozens of them, including Megadroid, Autopilot and the likes. The risk reward ratio which scares me. Fapturbo is fake and all around it. It can win few trades,but then few big looses and everithing you loose.

When i asked return my money ,no answear so no money back quarantee. I have had better results with open source EAs that are free. FAPTurbo will make many tiny wins followed by huge losses. This EA is based on basic trending scalp strategy with basic MM. It only works when market behaves certain way, otherwise it will loose and loose until your account is bled out to death. I advise all to not waist time with this algo.

Whats the site still doing up amazing!! It was no good on the long term strategy. It worked well on some pairs scalping for a while but then it blew up and went ferral losing all the time. It seems like they keep restarting or showing different accounts. However there have been many new versions of the EA so maybe that is why. Very important information on this blog.

Please everyone who tried the demo or a live account version Fapturbo Ichimoku to write some impressions. I will put the robot back to work just to save some money. I stopped trading with Fap 53 because there were more losses than wins then I tried Fap 54 and the same but with Fap Ichimoku, I was quite happy that in 1 month it made 52 profit trades and only 3 small losses BUT then yesterday it made 3 major losses that wiped out all the profits it made in one month of trading.

Sooo disappointing that this robot looked so promising but the problem is the take wins are extremely small and the stop losses are gigantic. By the way, I also updated Fap53 with custom settings reccommended on Fap Professional and it worked OK for a couple of weeks then went back into losing trades. In my opinion, this is one of the most reliable EAs, as far as EAs go.

I am in an extremely unique situation. You see, I am totally blind. S NFA regulations that everyone seems to hate. So, knowing that, what EA if any would you suggest? In your opinion, does that suggest anything to you about me and my trading style? If you want to lose your money then use fapturbo your real accounts. Best Regards. I installed it on my demo account on 31 Aug and as of 8 Sept. Can some one help me with the settings. Bottom line is …. They work now and then, make nice consistant profits now and then but ultimately all they do is draw the account down with a few LARGE losses that ultimately wipe out the account.

Not bad for anyones standards either…. Robots are inherently a waste of money. If they were any where near good, why have the banks not started using them. The reason they are selling them to the general public, is that they can not charge that amount of money. They go for the greedy people who want to see instant riches. Nothing in life is that easy. Even the developers have had to put in some hard graft to get the EA coded and marketed.

All they need to do is to make it work for 60 days, and then what do they care? Learn to trade for yourself, or at least go for a signal provider who has VERIFIED results — and not the mocked up ones that are so easy to do with photoshop.

I have a blog that tracks every trade I do — When i get in, it is there for everyone to see. When I get out, it is there for everyone to see. That is what you should be looking for at the very least. Can anyone tell me if one can disable the robot anytime if it is a web based robot?

Can one have full control over it? I can understand that it can if it runs on your own computer but not so sure if one uses their server. Where I can find a trader to manage my account? Over at a website calling itself forexbrokers. I hope you find the site as helpful as I have. I am a Forex Megadroid man but bought Fap Turbo a few weeks ago. Stephen Cooper UK. An intriguing discussion is worth comment. To the next! Kind regards!! The sketch is tasteful, your authored material stylish. Fapturbo2v Premium is a total failure as far as my account is concerned.

Manual trading is 10 time better than this rubbish as it has only made losses for first 3 months and later I stopped my vps as the looting by these players were unpardonable. They promised me a refund after 3 months, but I do not know as Clickbank policy is for 60 days only. Very excited about bitcoin trading too!! This Robot looks amazing, does it really work? Can you be sign up at any broker like forex,etoro,uwc? Simply buy a license and install it on the demo account. The total results is gain from to for this 2 weeks.

I imported the deals presented at the site to excel and calculated which are the best performance pairs for the last year, quarter and month, and I decided to trade gbpchf, eurchf and eurgbp. I think that the market is too dynamic and it is useful for me periodically to analyze the best performing pairs and to change the strategy.

As a hole I am impressed by the system and think that is very good. Congratulations to the inventors and I hope that there will be periodical updates in relation to the changing market conditions: Sincerely yours, V. How will this FAPturbo will be deliver only i purchase it??? If via Postal Service Does it come with a tracking number??? Another thing Please reply me here and to my email Fapturbo is delivered instantly after purchase in the member area. No shipping required.

Yes, you will get latest version. Fapturbo is a robot for Metatrader 4 platforms. Other questions will be replied by support. Fapturbo1 made consistent gains on my Myfxchoice account for the last 5 months.

I will get Fapturbo 2. I really wanna purchase it at the price of RM But the only problem is I do not have Credit Card. Is there another way of purchasing this ultimate tool? Such as deducting the money from my bank number without using Credit Card? I really trust FAPTurbo. I really wanna give it a try as my opportunity to raise financial freedom.

Please reply. We don't have any trial versions. However we have 60 day money back guarantee. So there is no risk. Hi guys, I am interested in purchasing the FapTurbo software within the next few months and I live in Australia. Is it possible to contact you directly via email outside of an open blog page? And if so what is the email address? This system seems to have mostly positive reviews which is a good sign for any software company selling robot software.

I am very interested but am not comfortable discussing details in the open. Look forward to a reply, Cheers. This is not true. All account are updated in real time and contain all the current info for the current year. Just scroll the account and you'll see it. Bitcoin is a new cryptocurrency that is taking over the world very fast.

It's a great chance to profit. Fapturbo is surely profitable but can be better for the short and long run if an improvement is added to the robot for closing orders at small loss when a trend looks to be possibly starting in opposite direction of the order especially when an order is opened at sell and it must had been a buy or vice versa as seen when the price reach stop loss.

By this, no pair will be reaching the stop loss. I think this is the only major weak point that many fapturbo users are facing. Besides, if fapturbo owners can add a special part in the forum area to daily update FT users about what pairs might be profitable with FT trading this day and which pairs can be bad to be set for FT trading especailly that FT owners can do backtests on the robot for all pairs and nearly determine which pairs might appear the best performing ones for this or that day.

Other than that, Everything is great, good gains and superb work by FT guys. I hope this message is taken by open heart and mind. To More Success. Hi ,Im totally new to forex and a bit scared as there are so many scams on the net. Can anyone from Europe tell me that this Robot really works and there is no catch whatsoever. Also is it easy to use and operate as I have never done Forex before.

Jason, there are hundreds of comments here, reviews and testimonials from the whole world. There is no catch here. You can always increase your LLR if you feel comfortable. I plan to use my office pc to download the software, but i will use my home pc to run the aplication. Yes you are not limited to any PC.

You are only limited to 2 live accounts and unlimited demo accounts. PC does not matter. You can trade anywhere! Where can I go on the net to learn more about the Forex market and Forex trading? Fapturbo has video tutorials about forex basics inside the member area for you. Thank you guys for the robot. I am using it on VPS alongside with megadroid and it works well.

Does the bot use a fixed lot size or does it increase lot size if a loss is made in order to recoup previous losses i. There is no martingale system involved in Fapturbo. It does not increase lot to recover the loss. Stop loss depends on the currency pair. Fapturbo has a special Stealth mode which hides the real stop loss from the brokers. I am very impressed with everything I have seen and read here. I am fresh from a nasty experience with a robot very recently launched on the market, that simply did not work - at all - even on backtest.

I like the way this webpage has been presented, very individually styled It doesn't follow the same old, same old And that gives me confidence to try your software. I'm looking forward to it. Hope this helps. They have a guide and videos. With everybody and his brother selling half baked systems it is refreshing to see what you are offering here and on the main web site.

I truly appreciate the valuable information, folks. Withy your help, perhaps we can avoid some of the pit falls. Well, judging by other comments, I'm clearly not the only one who has already spent thousands dollars on various systems, Forex Robots, etc.

And still waiting to see profitable returns. If Fapturbo Forex robot can help me, even if its only to recover my costs, I'd definitely take up your offer, guys. Simply follow the Step by Step instructions in the VIP members area and start making money within 5 minutes of joining! I don't normally feel inclined to offer thanks for a Forex product and I realize that at this time you must be very busy.

However I must congratulate you on a wonderful achievement. Me and my colleague have designed half a dozen EA's of our own so I can fully understand the difficulties on getting it working correctly never mind profitably. It's still early days yet of course but the EA seems to hold it's own in all conditions and to say that I have been impressed with it is a massive understatement. I guess it's also unfortunate that most of the people buying this cash machine will never end up trading it live.

Those that are willing to trust their gut however could be very wealthy in the years to come. If any of you guys ever visit the East Coast of Australia then I'd love to shake your hands and thank you for not keeping this wondefrul robot to yourselves.

If it is true that what goes around comes around then I'm sure that you guys will achive everything you want to. Once again thanks for giving me a real shot at financial freedom. Have to admit, skeptical about robots as all i tried before non really work as the developers claimed, but the transparency on your system pushes one to tried out, hope this one will share some light into the Forex tunnel :. Myfxchoice is a raw spread broker. Tallinex is offering amazing bonus. You can choose between two!

Thank you, I own it and I too doubled yesterday No losses trading. Thank You. From here you'll be given your unique license key for the robot. As soon as the robot is installed on your computer, you're ready to follow the step-by-step training instructions and set yourself on the path to success. I bought a copy of FapTurbo EA from you guys. After 1st day of trading while I was away at work I lost 2 of 3 trades.

I re-read the manual and double checked the results by comparing the statistics of my account against the 3 accounts that are posted in the website. For example, how many pips? Held for how long, and which way did it go? Buy or sell? Turns out I did set it correctly. I was tempted to ask for a refund Good news! I am now in the black! You guys did an amazing job!! I am anxiously looking forward to a long-time and profitable relationship.

I've tried over 70 EA's in the last three years with one partial success so I'm sceptical. I will try it on a demo account for a month to see if it is profitable. If it is then it will go on an Alpari UK live micro-account. I look forward to testing it. I definitely need something to recoup all the money that I have put out for the idol promises from the past.

Learned a little, but confused a lot. Now the proof that you have provided lightens up my heart, maybe this is finally the Holy Grail to we all want. Anxiously awaiting for the release, so that I can send you positive feedback rather than the doom and gloom comments that I have written in the past.

That's hardly surprising, given that the majority of 'systems' out there are completely incapable of trading on the real live markets. If you're capable of clicking a mouse and downloading a file then this will work for you - guaranteed.

I enjoyed the video. I am a retire guy but am bored with just playing golf. I think I am ready to begin an online business. I think this will be a big help. Like I said before, we're focusing on small movements in the market that are going to occur regardless of whether or not the markets crash or the economy is in recession. First, you'll have 2 whole months to test out the robot, and if it doesn't live up to YOUR expectations - return it for a full no questions asked unconditional refund!

I don't know who to thank for FapTurbo but its totally amazing! This is the most amazing forex trading system, I've ever seen! You will have helped many people financially with this program Gratefully yours John J. Moore All The Best! The robot seems to be kicking but!!! Thought you might like to know. Thanks again!!

I dont have money, please give it for free to me!! I need the robot. I am from nigeria!! I'll take you up on the challenge! I'll run it and tell the truth, good or bad, after 3 months. So far I am very impressed. You have given me hope that I could make money from Forex after all my chain of losses.

Hi guys. I look at the video and just want to say, that you have made Grail totally, totally unbelievable, but I do not want you to leave for free. These days there is nothing free. One should only hope. With kind regards! Firstly I would like to congratulate the 3 Musketeers for developing a great EA. Great Job Guys.. Secondly I am offering my best settings in fapturbo forum. Hope it helps! Works great for me! I just want to say what an amazing piece of software the three of you have pulled off.

I am currently on trading on a? As at 03 December i have so far made? I only consider EAs with at least a year of proof and access to live account. You have both, bravo, I definitely will consider it. Hope to trade alongside with you. I have tried every robot that I have seen, I got that sick of all the lies these guys told us about their robots.

I decided I would not buy another robot in my life again, And up till now I have kept to my word. But after seeing your video and accounts and how honest and open you have been, I Cant wait to get my hands on this one it puts the rest of them to shame Count me in. I have never seen any forex software exposed in real life account like this. And i really appreciated to find this site I cant wait to get ma hands on this EA Thank you all guys to bring something like this.

I'm writing to let you know that so far I'm very astounded by your EA. I have traded the market since 6 years manually and also with robots I have purchased every course, every EA, every software program I don't care that I've spent thousands because the Forex market is worth it I bought your EA the other day and put it to work Once again PIPS in 2 days.

Thousands of people are throwing away their hard earned cash because of scam artists parading as forex robot messiahs. None of them are doing what you are doing. You are putting your faith in your system and are willing to show us truthfully that it works. So if you are putting your reputation on the table so openly; it must work. No one does what you are doing; this is the real deal. Impressed by the lack of losing trades and consistent and sometimes exceptional winners!

I hope this is true and not another Get rich for you scam. Send me info on how I can join and what your guarantee is. You give me the hope to change my life, for a better life without fear. All looks for a great system to crack the code. I hope that I will have time to purchase this robot Hey Guys at Fapturbo, I've been running fapturbo live since the minute i got it, i have to say so far so awesome!!!!!

With autopilot system to tell you the truth I am not doing anything! I have more free time to spend with my life and my kids - the things that matter to me the most.. I take vacations now whenever I feel like it I just wanted to tell you guys to keep up the good work. I think its really amazing thing you made. I am still on demo,but so far looks really good. No, forex trading involves winning and losing trades. You cant win all the time.

Check the trading accounts- sometimes they lose a trade or two but overall in big profit! My name is Nathan Van Giacometti from Switzerland. On the forex market I work almost ten years and during this time I have really big experience with a lot of commercial EA's. When I found information about release of Fapt Forex Robot - it was looks like usual scam, but results have appeared more than unexpected.

I was betatester of it and after a while, I very in detail learned all information on the Fapt Forex Robot's website with a lot of great results of trading and has read many good reviews of other beta testers. I just should do my job and I can't to say anything to developers.. Well, when I got a Fapt Forex Robot, I tested it on the different brokers with diverse parameters and got very good results.

Without forward tests on the demo account I started to use it on my real money with a micro lots and thus far it have impressive results. I want to ask that are the setting there are default setting from the EA? Thanks, SIM. Been following Forex now for about a year now. Been reading books, watching videos and anything else to give me a better understanding on this.

Been running several demo accounts trying manual as well as automated trading. Developed a few EAs but still nothing to what you claim Fapturbo Robot can do. Your results look great and it would appear that we have seen the live accounts you mentioned here. I have never bought an EA before as I felt they were scams. If it can help recoup at least what I paid for it, then I would feel ok about the purchase.

We shall see how this plays out in the coming weeks. I will let you know. I buy system. I managed the Robot on three different Brokers accounts demo, all with excellent trades, like guys shows on this page, with similar limit take profits, etc. D: sorry my level english. I speak you from Spain. I really need your system. Seems fapturbo is better.

I would like to buy, but I am having problems with Click Bank, please advise me what I should do to get arround this problem. The trading results shown by you looks good. I have a question: How many licences you will give for this EA with the purchase? My question is: if this EA works and what is the minimum amount of balance needed for the account with the Broker ho manages minimum lot size 0.

I'm very impressed with the first trades on demo account. We also have 60 day money back guarantee. There is no risk in purchase. Sorry, this is a commercial system, not a charity fund. If you dont have money to trade you don't need a robot anyways. One trade so far and its a winning of 3 pips only. Hope to see more winning pips after christmas.

We provide rapid email support and Phone support to our members. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems. I promised myself that I would not buy another EA. So will try. So if for some reason you decide that the system isn't really for you simply contact us with your trading screenshots, and you will be supplied with a prompt and full refund.

A great number of additional safe filters and indicators were added to prevent trading in risky conditions. I've confidence with the EA you created and it's also my only hope to earn for living after losing much money and time in those forex craps. Hoping it won't let me down at the end! You can always perform backtest yourself to check that.

This is fist time when I got even more then I expect. Your software is really amazing. In only 5 days I was double my account and I sleep good. I'm not newbie, I have good results with my manual trading. God bless you guys. Wow just come accross your robot are you the real gentlemen or will help the one did lost so much money on the fake robot i lost so much money not even refund the money?????? I am new to this!! Got the robot yesterday!!

Each strategy uses its own designed timeframe and currencies so be sure you use the strategy on proper currency pair and timeframe. The real test is to run it on my own real account which i have just done. Hopefully i will be just as excited in 6 months time as i am now.

I am beginner in the forex. I choosed USD deposit leverage and 1. I hope it will as good on the real account as the demo account. Thanks Sandor. We provide detailed instructions and cool Video Tutorials! Of course! Just wanted to let you know that in the last 36 hours Fapturbo has run 27 trades, 26 of which were winners and one loser. With these results I am now going to go live, small contracts at first and then building up.

Thanks for the great programme. Remember that starting out with low trading capital may put you at disadvantage because you will only be able to trade the market in small share sizes. Can I run several advisors at the same account at the same time? That's a great idea! You can run several advisors simultaneously to increase your profits and minimize the risks. The broker you are using is IamFX, which I believe is one of the best for running robots.

I have tried all the new robots recently and find that the broker is almost your biggest challenge. The spreads are the difference between trading or not. Thanks, James. I have bought many Forex trading software and have received so many disappointments, I can find hope from this software.

Can't add to all the comments, and I've read them all. Sounds like this could be the real deal. You should always try your expert advisors on Demo account first to check if your broker is compatible with your current expert advisor! We don't recommend trading on Real account without testing on Demo first!

You don't need to monitor the trades if you don't have enough free time. Our Robot Advisors will monitor the trades, open orders and close positions for you when needed. Just keep your MetaTrader on to let fapturbo work its magic! I never have seen a robot work this well!

A computer with an internet connection or virtual private server for remote trading is all that is needed to begin trading currencies. We provide full detailed instructions so no forex knowledge is needed. What if I dont have forex experience?? Will it work for me? No forex experience is needed! All you need to do is setup the automated trading robots expert advisors and let them trade on your account to bring you profits! Perfectly working for the moment. I got it 3 days ago and it already traded 2 days at 11pm with the 6 pairs an always winning trades.

I bought the Fapturbo Forex Robot on december 29th and it have traded for two days now and with profit only! Thanks guys for this robot! I'm looking forward for the next 6 months now :D. What more can I say, bought the EA, placed it straight away into my live account. Within 3 days, six trades six wins. On a very very small micro account. I hope to fund the account next year when I get some more money.

I bought my copy 2 days ago, followed the instructions to set up the robot according to the video tutorials on iamfx demo account and left the computer, internet connection, mt4 and robot running for the last 48hrs but NO TRADES have been made. Robot does not trade during weekends.

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