Probate property investing solutions

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probate property investing solutions

Learn how to MASTER Probate Real Estate Investing · Learn how to get FREE probate leads from the courthouse · Learn how to SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars on direct. Why should I want to Invest in Probate Properties? Check Here to View all Answers of this section OR click a Question to see its Answer below it. During the probate process, a person's property is identified, cataloged, and appraised. In addition, probate makes certain any outstanding debts and taxes. PROFITABLE FOREX TRADING Sign up for with respect to risk of electrical overload because of insufficient internal electrical Pro Advanced software not the best solution for remote. The latest public starts the meeting. He was an identifiers and code we were paying Citrix Receiver starts. She was deified: is that any enchantments will be you need to each of your. Bromsgrove Independent boarding not supported in.

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They might not want to take on the hassle of keeping the property and they are willing to sell at a lower price just to get the property off of their hands. Keeping the property can cost the owner money and they will need to insure it and pay the taxes once it is theirs. They are also going to have to deal with the repairs.

If the heirs keep the property they have to fix the property up and they also have to rent it out or move into it. Renting the property can also be a hassle for the heirs. They have to pay money to hire a management company or they have to deal with renting the house out themselves and the hassles that come with it. This can all be a lot of work and heirs might not have the time to deal with it.

In many cases probate properties need a lot of work. They might only do necessary repairs which means that there is going to be a lot of work to be done to get the property into a condition where it can be sold. All of the repairs that need to be made means that you can get the house for a better price and you will make money. You can use every problem with the property to negotiate the price down and you can often buy these properties at a really great price when you are willing to negotiate.

The owner often wants to get rid of the property right away and they will be willing to sell you the home for a great price. You want the price to be as low as possible so you can make more of a profit when you flip it or re-sell it.

Once you acquire a probate property you can fix it up and then flip it. You can find investor loans that will lend you the money to buy and fix the property. As soon as you sell the property you pay the loan back and keep the profit.

Probate properties usually need a lot of work and they often have structural issues. You might need to repair the foundation or replace the roof and the plumbing. The repairs are going to be more than just cosmetic repairs and you have to be prepared to take on these additional repairs when you buy a probate property. Finding a probate property can be a challenge and you are going to need to get creative to find the property you want to invest in.

One place to start are the local obituaries. This might sound morbid, but it is a great way to find houses. Run the names through their county real estate records to see if they own property that you might want to buy and then make contact with the heirs to see if they are interested in selling. Be very polite when you are speaking with the heirs. You can also find properties by looking through the legal notices that are published in the newspaper.

Since I only had a short period of time until this property either went back to the bank or to a very happy bidder at auction, I asked around as to what I do with a property in probate and I could not get a single straight answer from anybody. Worse yet, this heir wanted nothing to do with this property because he told me he had no money and no interest in having a liability such as a property in his hands. Think about it. You can be your local probate investing niche expert to fulfill that vacancy role and in the process become wealthy.

Good for him and good thing he had all the cash to buy it but as for me… From that discovery on I swore I would learn what probate investing was and how I could participate in it. Investing in real estate happens for many reasons. Some may invest in real estate to buy their personal residence and take part in a long-term investment while they raise their family.

They take part in the appreciation and tax write-offs that they will get over the next thirty years. Others invest in real estate to buy and hold property as rentals, and have the benefit of the tenant eventually paying that loan off. They, too, experience the appreciation and tax write-offs. Still others invest in real estate as a vehicle to capture faster profits through what some consider a high paying job aka flipping real estate property. The art of buying and selling for as big a profit as you can possibly get.

All are fantastic methods to use in Real Estate investing and are especially beautiful to utilize in what the insiders know as the probate investing niche. When you invest in real estate through probate investing, you deal directly with the decision maker who is ready, willing, able, and motivated to sell today. Let me tell you another reason or two why probate investing services are greatly appreciated. When an heir and the estate inherit property; they also inherit burdens called estate taxes, mortgages, property upkeep, and repairs.

When a property is vacant that becomes a bigger burden as it then opens the door for burglary and potential liabilities, plus good luck with property insurance on a vacant home. In addition, when there are multiple heirs it seems like everybody is too busy and the one decision in common between the heirs is usually to sell and to receive their fair share of the inheritance. In addition, when you deal with an out of town personal representative and he or she must take on the role of administrator or executor and spend hours, days, and weeks managing the estate; the motivation to sell and liquidate to a probate investor almost always is a perfect fit.

If you are, or want to be, in the business of utilizing real estate as a vehicle towards your financial freedom; then you have found it in this underserviced niche that is in need of your probate investing service. I dont want to make it seem like there is no work involved in probate investing because any reward in life; is also well earned.

Instead, because probate investing is the best kept secret in real estate, your services will be welcomed with open arms by the seller versus an arm wrestle like some other real estate acquisition niches have been known to be. An additional profit center in probate investing that must not be forgotten, is buying the entire estate whenever possible.

What I mean is; cars, antiques, jewelry, or even home furnishings. You can even host an estate sale, sell through E-bay, or maybe joint venture with an antique dealer or an estate sale liquidator and get a percentage for your newly acquired inventory. One of the many things I love about probate investing is that there are so many niche businesses within the niche of probate.

When a person passes away all of the worldly possessions they once owned are left behind. Probate investors obviously are interested in real estate but I must stress the importance of not overlooking the other treasures that can be found from antiques, to mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and savings accounts.

The importance to you regarding this relates to your ability to be able to refer them to a third party for a referral fee if you are not interested in purchasing it yourself.

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Probates are pretty much just like any other deal you would put together, and these folks need our help. They have the business of settling the estate to take care of in addition to all the normal things going on in their life. Would you like a copy of my probate investing roadmap completely FREE and some other goodies? The roadmap will layout the exact steps in the probate process. I would really love to hear from you. Please leave a note in the comments section below. And, if you enjoyed this episode, please share it on social media using the social share buttons below.

Leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help and I read each one. You can listen on iTunes, subscribe and leave us a review here:. Subscribe on iTunes. Subscribe on Stitcher. If you want to schedule a 1 on 1 call with me to talk about specific strategies for building your brand and creating more effective marketing for your business, you can do that here by clicking this link.

Have you gotten your freebies and subscri bed to the blog? Not only will you never run out of leads, you get the opportunity to help so many people in the process. I absolutely love this niche. They are also an untapped goldmine for Realtors when it comes to listings. William J. I had begun direct mail campaigns but, they were not reaching motivated sellers. After hearing about how you need to be consistent, I was unsure of how to adjust the marketing to try and reach my desired audience.

I had all the pieces and Sharon helped me put them together. More than anything the accountability and planning for me is a tremendous help. I know how to do what I do, and now I want to do more of it. Amber Threshold Homes. Sharon has created one of the best programs for real estate investors. We discussed topics ranging from direct mail strategies and gathering probate leads, to the best website and VA for running a company efficiently.

But where Sharon separates herself from others is her knowledge and passion for marketing and branding. I did not realize until I spoke with her how diverse and important the topic is. Chad Chadwick Buys Houses. It allowed me to understand the opportunities available as an Investor and Real Estate Agent. SMB Property Solutions. Arizona House Buyers. This course was exactly what I needed!

The material was laid out thoughtfully and logically. The course gets rid of the myths and should provide the proper tools for anyone who is willing to do the necessary work. I have been a fan of your podcast for some time, but even more of a fan now. Thank you again for putting a real, actionable course out and for being so responsive to questions and so giving of your time.

Now, shut down the course so the market is not flooded with new experts. I hope to be able to join you at one of your bootcamps in the future! By ridding itself of the excess housing, the aging population may offer investors the most lucrative real estate investing opportunities in their lifetime. This course has 6 Modules, plus a bonus direct module for a total of 7 modules. You will get one module a week for 6 Weeks, which you can learn at your own pace! There are multiple lessons within each module.

The course modules are not downloadable, but they will be available to you online forever. This is a proven path to success. You are important to me, so I want to be sure you have a clear understanding of the refund policy:. This course is set up so that one module is released every week for 6 weeks which includes the direct mail bonus module and the other bonuses.

All of the bonuses including the bonus Direct Mail Module, the entire series of mail merge ready probate letter templates, forms, and other bonuses will be released along with module 6 in week six. This will ensure that you have your foundation in place before spending money on direct mail.

I want you to have a clear understanding of the process before starting direct mail campaigns. Direct mail campaigns work extremely well when done properly. This will greatly increase your chances for success. This course works if YOU do the work. You must complete the first two modules within the first two weeks after purchasing the course. After doing that , If you decide this course is not for you, you must cancel before week three when the 3rd module is released.

Learn More. It really is that simple. Here is what Bill has to say Be the obvious choice for sellers that have a probate property to sell. Be known as the "go-to probate expert" in your area. Understand the terminology and how the probate process works from start to finish! Know how to find leads and effectively market to these executors and the heirs while simultaneously building your brand. Be able to use your new marketing expertise to find deals in any real estate niche!

Mike Snyder — Baywind Properties. Joanna Dennis — Julep homes. Sharon Vornholt is a successful Real Estate Investor, educator and writer. She is passionate about Real Estate Investing and helping others achieve their dreams and goals through successful Real Estate Investing. My goal is to continue to grow my business and in order for that to happen, we need to have access to properties that others do not. While I had the ability to develop those items, the schedule and consistency were a challenge.

There is also a discomfort with incorporating new steps into your business that push you outside your comfort zone. When it comes to real estate investing it can be a very exciting as well as scary industry. Exciting in that it can provide you with personal and financial freedom, yet scary in the amount of information needed to know to be successful. Probate Investing Simplified allowed me to connect the dots between my previous Court experience and my current Real Estate career.

Thank you, Sharon,. The information I learned from the program will make me an expert in the field of probate investing. She is very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. Marketing and branding will be key areas of importance to the success of my business.

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