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value investing forum

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Interactive Case Studies: Hot Sectors in Value Investing View Takeaway Sharing lessons from several real-life scenarios, fund managers and advisors will discuss how to protect investments while also maximizing returns. These industry leaders will share their insights on evaluating investments and determining the strategies to best manage changing circumstances and financial challenges. This panel will share strategies to maximize value through equity and debt investments in businesses facing a high degree of complexity or dislocation.

Scaling Up: Stressed and Distressed Investment Trends View Takeaway As the geopolitical landscape continues to change, companies have seen movement ranging from notable performance into trepidatious areas. Some key drivers that are thought to be behind these shifts are growing supply chain issues and rising energy prices. This panel will address the metrics that can be used to differentiate between short- and long-term impact, the impact of covenant lite, high yield financings and where the greatest need will exist for special situations capital in the coming years.

By registering for our live event, you are attesting that you have been fully vaccinated and are past the final waiting period. Our event will be set up in a controlled, socially distant environment. We ask everyone to monitor their own health closely and to please stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID Partner Miami. Partner London. Partner Chicago. Value Investing Forum. Are the economics of blogging not worth it for the authors?

Do they just get burned out from writing all the time? I'd love to get your perspectives on this and if you guys know any new blogs out there that are good. I think a lot of people have moved to Twitter. The attention span of most has shrunk to characters. A good person to ask would be Nate.

But I'm guessing the simple answer is most of the successful bloggers have other opportunities and they have less time to blog. That's a shame. It seems like more of the internet is filled with link baiting headlines and listicles than actual content. I do think there are far fewer opportunities in the market today than a couple of years ago, so yes, there is less to write about.

That usually stops them from posting or dramatically reduces posts. Clients are obviously number 1 for them from then on and good opportunities are scarce. Also, a goal of the blogger might have been to build a public track record to obtain a position at an investment firm.

Once that goal is achieved there is no more need to maintain a blog. Visitors are going to see ads for forex trading and other speculative trash like that. To monetize a successful blog you either have to put up a paywall, start an investment newsletter or switch over to SeekingAlpha which offers a premium subscription model for authors.

That means it's hard to get any feedback on your ideas initially. Only when people find out you're actually offering valuable ideas do they start to comment and e-mail more frequently. To reach that point can take a lot of time and effort though and most people will give up well before that.

If you get little feedback from visitors, are not making any money and have no intention to start a career in money management, what reason is there to blog? Some of the above has been true for me. Additionally I noticed some authors on SeekingAlpha taking ideas from certain websites and blogs and presenting them on their premium offerings. Reproduced in their own words of course, so they are not violating copyrights or anything.

I'm not going to present investment ideas so some guy on SA can put "his idea" behind a paywall and charge his subscribers for it. I decided that I'm either going to put up a paywall myself or put my time into something else. Burdensome EU regulations concerning VAT rules has so far stopped me from launching and continuing to publish new ideas on my blog. I'm still figuring out what to do.

The short answer is there are no economics of blogging, you are putting your writing and thoughts out on the Internet for free. The advertising route isn't worth the effort. You need 50k hits per month before advertising networks will work with you. Maybe if you write clickbaity headlines people will click on the money making robot ads. There are many ways to skin a cat. I can't speak for why others have quit. I still think this is the best route to a job in investments.

You will create visibility and build a brand for yourself. This is invaluable. If you're looking for a job then a value blog is one of the best routes. I've had numerous job offers and offers to manage money as a result of my writing. It was eye-opening that if I wanted to get into investment management I could either go to school, interview, work my way up a ladder. If you don't enjoy writing then don't start a blog. A lot of people think they'd enjoy blogging, but they aren't writers.

I've always enjoyed writing. I was the kid in college who when assigned a 15 page paper due Friday thought "that's an easy assignment. This isn't true for everyone, I know some people struggle to put their thoughts in words. If that's true maybe a podcast is better, or some other media. I can't do videos, I have no idea how, and the process of creating them isn't fascinating.

But there are investors who do really well with self-videos, it's different for each person. The natural place to start writing is with ideas. This is really the only thing you can write about for a while. There are problems with ideas. The first is only a small percentage of your readers will ever act. Most will read and either bash the idea or disregard it.

You have to be writing a LOT to keep people interested. If you're always writing about ideas that percentage of readers that don't like those ideas will drop off and maybe never come back. There's also the risk someone takes the idea and "sells" it on SeekingAlpha. This might feel like betrayal, but I have no issues with it.

No ideas are truly unique, there are always other investors in every company. I used to think I was the first to find some weird European or small companies until I wrote about them and invariably that day I'd get an email from someone saying "this is my biggest holding I've held it a decade..

I took a different tract with my blog. I created a premium newsletter where the actual ideas are shared, and on the public blog I write more about general investment concepts. This might seem like a strange approach, but I think it's the best approach. Here's what I've learned. The investing public at large doesn't want individual ideas. Some percentage of people do, and those are the ones you want to cater to.

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