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apex investing boomerang tags

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Date: May 08, Taxes for were one for the history books. The Tax Cuts and Job Act created a massive overhaul in the tax code. Financial Advisor Ben Dunbar provides great suggestions to plan ahead so you can avoid any surprises when tax time comes in Date: April 12, Financial Advisor Greg Fields describes the importance of asking yourself questions when it comes to working with a financial professional that will meet your standards and expectations.

He compares the experience to high-level culinary execution and personalized service. Date: April 05, Managing Partner Ayal Shmilovich talks about being a turning point for Netflix and its competitors. With competitors pouring in and content costs skyrocketing, Netflix is fast becoming the Roman Empire defending its sprawling media dominion. Date: March 08, In this article, Financial Advisor Greg Fields emphasizes the importance of having the assistance of financial professionals versus doing it on your own.

Date: March 08, The tax season is around the corner. Date: February 06, Financial Advisor Mike Baker discusses common excuses for not investing and suggests how to stop procrastinating. Spending is pop; saving is punk! In this article, Financial Advisor Greg Fields explains why investing is the new punk rock.

Date: January 16, Gerber Kawasaki stays up-to-date with the latest technology! The newer version of our My Money Page App is now available. All you need to know about your money in one place. Get started today and download the app on the App Store. Date: January 15, The financial markets have been volatile. Financial Advisor Greg Fields discusses the topic and gives emphasis on people's mind set of selling and buying of stocks.

He highlights the importance of discussing investments with a professional Financial Advisor before making decisions that could have a greater affect in the long term. Date: January 15, As we start a new year, Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab discusses the importance of goals that really matter and gives suggestions on some steps to having clear goals and being successful at achieving them.

Date: December 06, As the end of the year approaches, Financial Advisor Ayal Shmilovich discusses the Amazon phenomena and its preference among consumer's buying method. He highlights all the ways that the company loves and uses us to make more money and continue to grow their already dominant presence in our lives. Date: December 05, The holiday season is upon us and it's that time again to decorate the house, spend time with family, reflect on everything that happened this year, and time of giving.

Financial Advisor Brett Sifling highlights the importance of plan your holiday spending, suggests a gift idea, and recommends an annual salary percentage amount to spend on gifts. Date: December 05, Financial Advisor Ben Dunbar talks about the holidays as a busy time of the year but reminds readers about the importance of proper end of the year planning.

Date: December 04, Financial Advisor Greg Fields discusses end of the year spending and the importance of having a flexible financial plan to make future holidays even more jolly! He highlights his views on how to live a happy and healthy life with emphasis on the following topics: Be a Missionary, not a Mercenary; Start Small; Power of Wondering and Laugh Easily and Often.

Date: November 10, Financial Advisor Greg Fields talks about the advantages of working with a smaller fiduciary investment firm versus large banks and massive financial institutes. If you read the news, you may think that Elon Musk is crazy or that Tesla is just a flash in the pan.

Many think they are on the verge of bankruptcy and have no shot at challenging the big dogs of car manufacturing. Ayal challenges readers with some of the Tesla questions that are out there. Financial Advisor Robert Castillo gives his insight on the financial benefits and disadvantages of same sex-marriage. Date: October 02, It's Open Enrollment season at work, which means time for either blindly clicking on options, or asking lots of questions to understand what everything means.

Financial Advisor Wendy Turk provides a quick list to help explain what each item is, and whether you should opt in or out, or somewhere in between. Date: October 01, Financial Advisor Hatem Dhiab gives an overview of who the big players within Europe are and what currents are driving their internal politics and markets. He suggests that the earlier you start investing, the longer your money will grow due to compounding interest.

Big questions: where do we go from here and what should you do with your investments now? Date: August 29, Financial Advisor Ayal Schmilovich discusses Netflix as the king of content with a tremendous rise over the last five years currently tallying over million users worldwide surpassing Disney.

Date: August 09, Whether you are a recent college grad with your first job or you have been in the workforce for a couple years now, practicing good financial habits is key to having financial freedom in your future. Financial Advisor Mike Baker gives some tips for investing in your twenties. Date: August 01, Financial Advisor Wendy Turk talks about the mix of money and family, a delicate subject. As taboo a subject as money may be, family and money can mix, and more importantly, should mix to create the strongest family financial plan.

Date: July 12, Financial Advisor Brett Sifling shares 4 steps to help you to become financially free. All starts with a plan; then by opening an investment account, contributing to it on a regular basis and just as important by living a balanced life style. Date: July 02, Our Financial Advisor Robert Castillo talks about the spending habits of the LGBT community and highlights the importance of a budget analysis, saving, and investing for a future with a greater peace of mind.

Nick checked out firsthand the growth of this industry and and the buzz around the top games in the world, highlighting the following brands: Nintendo, Activison, Microsoft and Epic Games. Date: May 31, Your life insurance needs will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your family, the nature of your financial obligations, your career stage, and your goals.

For example, when you're young, you may not have a great need for life insurance. However, as you take on more responsibilities and your family grows, your need for life insurance increases. According to Danilo, both leaders have complimentary skills and both companies have loyal consumers, share a passion for simplicity, perfection, and philanthropy. Together, they could do amazing things in the home and car front, batteries and energy efficient solutions, and beyond.

Date: May 30, In this article, our Advisor Brett Sifling gives helpful suggestions on budgeting, students loans and investments accounts to post-grads to get on a path towards monetary success. Date: May 29, Comcast and Disney are in a battle for Fox. In this article, Advisor Eyal Shmilovich mentions that the merger of Disney-Fox will still play out and we will see a new era of Hollywood ushered in, with two major players on the stage.

It was 90 years ago when Steamboat Willie was released and introduced the world to Mickey Mouse. That one character has done so much for the Disney name. Now, think of the possibilities, for the long run, that Disney has with all they have up their sleeve today. Date: May 29, There's no denying the benefits of a college education: the ability to compete in today's competitive job market, increased earning power, and expanded horizons.

But these advantages come at a price--college is expensive. And yet, year after year, thousands of students graduate from college. So, how do they do it? Date: May 17, Remember when you were in college, when you were frugal and trying to balance books, tuition and happy hours? Now fast forward past graduation, your first job and a couple of raises. Are you still the frugal undergrad you once were?

Most of my clients love spending their new found income because they find it greatly exceeds their bills, but your 20's and early 30's are actually the best time to save and get ahead in life. There is no better time than now to create a financial plan. Date: May 15, Do you feel like you are struggling to get a head of you finances?

Here are some pitfalls that make it difficult to get ahead and ways to help. Date: May 14, What's the difference between a vacation and trip? A vacation is something planned in advance, where as a trip is spur of the moment. Check out 7 practical ways to save for your next vacation here. Date: May 01, As the summer approaches and many people are thinking of possible leisurely activities, Zach Bainter provides four suggestions for individuals and families to make sure that their financial house is in order so that the sun can be enjoyed with more financial peace of mind.

Date: May 01, Wendy Turk mentions the costs of family planning highlighting the costs of child birth as well as medical intervention for households planning a family later in life or in other alternative ways. It reminds about the importance to create a plan to finance the extra costs, as well as research additional ways to save money.

Date: April 19, Expecting a tax refund? Sounds like a great time to jump start your finances. After all, it might be the single biggest check you will receive all year. There are much better uses for this chunk of cash that could actually pay off in the long run. Here are six smart ways to put your refund to work for you. Date: April 09, As the tax season comes to a close, we are reaching out to remind you that we are nearing the IRA contribution deadline.

Date: April 03, No one enters into a marriage expecting it to fail. Still, more than 22 percent of first marriages end in divorce within five years, and 53 percent of marriages dissolve by the year mark, according to data from the government's National Survey of Family Growth.

Separation and divorce are emotionally difficult events, but it is possible to have a healthy breakup, and especially important to tactfully divorce your finances. Here are six things not to do in the midst of your divorce. Reaching space and the moon was of paramount importance for national security and for our beating the Communist agenda. While those two forces are ever-present in the new Space Race, the push for going beyond the bounds of Earth is actually being spearheaded by the private sector this time.

Date: April 03, When I studied archaeology in Israel for a summer I became keenly interested in the 7 wonders of the ancient world. From the Great Pyramid of Giza, to the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, there is much to learn from these remarkable creations.

However, there is one wonder of the world that needs to be added to the list: The Effect of Compounding Interest. Date: March 06, In this article, I will cover some of the popular investment classes and their place in a young investor's life. From owning stocks to speculating on cryptocurrencies, what does it all mean? Date: March 05, At the beginning of any new year, many people begin to seriously consider investing. This is the year to get their finances in order, especially if rumors of an interest-rate increase prove true.

By understanding a few tips, new investors can get started with the peace of mind of knowing their investments will grow. Here are five tips designed to get beginners started on their plans to invest. Date: March 02, If you've ever seen Minority Report, I, Robot, Total Recall, or a multitude of other science fiction movies in the last 30 years, you have seen that self-driving cars are something that people have been thinking about for a long time.

Date: March 02, A question I come across when my friends learn more about what I do for work is: "How do I 'get rich'? The question is usually in jest, but there's also some genuine curiosity behind it, I mean who doesn't want to be rich right? Kidding or not, it's a pretty greedy, and typically short-sighted question, but not at all surprising given the financial climate we are in.

Date: February 27, Now that my company has been acquired, what should I do? What are some important steps to take in order to make sure that you are working toward securing your money for your future? The competition for the smart home is being headed by four of the major tech names that you would imagine, but many smaller players have skin in the game as well. Date: January 02, As we start a new year, many of us have aspirations and desires, things that we would like to accomplish and things that we must achieve to further progress.

Date: January 02, Inevitably, you are now planning your New Year's resolutions. If my guess is correct, exercising more and saving more money are probably at the top of your list, year after year. Why are most people so bad at this money thing?

It is not your fault, entirely. Your brain isn't necessarily wired for it. Just think how hard you work to fight against your own self-defeating impulses. But there is hope. Here are a few tips to get yourself to do the things you already know you should do. Date: December 01, Investment Advisor Representative Robert Castillo discusses the Individual k plan and how it can be used as a small business owner's tool for potentially reducing taxes and saving for retirement.

Date: December 01, Investment Advisor Representative Nicholas Licouris gives four easy steps to get your finances on track for Date: December 01, Tesla Inc. Date: December 01, As the end of the year approaches, Investment Advisor Representative Wendy Wan Turk gives tips on how to gift yourself financial freedom. Date: November 17, I want to share a story about a client who recently came to me by way of referral. This story exemplifies why I love what I do because there is so much clients can learn from this experience.

Date: November 16, As tax time looms around the corner, we think about how much we earned, what we would change, what we can improve on, and how to live our best lives. In some years we move, change jobs, buy new cars, etc. In other years, we may have landmark life changes. I like to classify these changes as events that require you to check off a new box on your taxes. Date: November 16, My three-year-old niece has just started mimicking and playing monkey-see, monkey-do.

Often, our early relationships with parents and other role models impact and shape our behavior as adults. One of the areas where this is most obvious is our relationship with money -- how we think of it, use it, and misuse it. Date: November 16, How many of you are paying off student loans? In my experience, some of my clients' school loans are large enough to be a house mortgage.

Now imagine your monthly interest loan payment doubling in several months. As part of the Gerber Kawasaki family, we like to keep you updated on legislation that will have a large impact on many families. Date: November 16, You want your dentist to have clean straight teeth.

You want your personal trainer to be fit and your nutritionist to eat healthy food. So I am sure you expect your financial advisor to be an expert at saving money, right? As a natural born spender, I have to admit that saving money does not come naturally for me. Here are 5 financial tips I learned in college after reading the "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George Clason that still help me to this day:.

Should I put as much as I can a month to the loans to get them done? It depends. It depends on what the interest rate is on your student loans. If you have a low interest rate on your student loan debt i. Date: November 16, As a Financial Advisor, my clients tell me every January that they want to create a better budget; they want to prepare their taxes early; they want to begin saving more aggressively for retirement; because after all, who wants to work forever?

Can a machine really provide the same level of service as a seasoned financial advisor? We think that is a very tough case to make. Date: November 16, A little more than five years ago, Ross Gerber and I were sitting on Ipanema Beach in Brazil, enjoying the sunset and trying to make sense of the previous 16 months.

Those days will be hard to forget. Markets tanked. Liquidity dried up. Investor nerves were frayed. By Danilo Kawasaki. Date: November 16, The stock market is not meant for the faint of heart. This has been evidenced by the panicked selling caused by recent volatility as the market retreats from all-time highs.

If one only read headlines, the thought of another market recession seems imminent, but it is important to put the recent correction in perspective. By Zachary Bainter. Although there are many different stock and option awards, the two most popular grants are that of stock option or restricted stock. Let's go over the main characteristics of each.

By Hatem Dhiab, Managing Partner. Date: November 16, By Elijah Souza. Working in the entertainment industry can pose some unique challenges when it comes to managing your finances and investments. With the NFL currently in the off-season, I started thinking about an intriguing story that was revealed last year during the same time. For many people, this a fairly common monthly budget, but for an NFL athlete, this is almost unheard of.

Here are a few areas to focus on when you are recently engaged or married. It's tax season. A fifth season that we are not taught as children but learn as adults. That is part of the problem: most are not taught the ways to make tax season something to eagerly await, or at the very least, not something to dread.

Here are some helpful tips that can make this fifth season one to look forward to. There is the proverbial story of how to talk to your kids about money. But do they know how you managed to do that? Pride is about being comfortable in your own skin and in your relationships. In this special Pride article, I would like to address the reality of same-sex relationships and finances.

Many couples do not communicate openly about their finances, which can lead to unnecessary stress and potentially end the relationship. Date: November 16, By Robert Castillo. Now that same sex marriage is legal, LGBT couples have a lot to consider when it comes to merging their finances. Here are talking points to consider when starting the money conversation with your partner.

These days, being Brazilian comes with a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, Brazil was the proud host of the Summer Olympic Games, where the world came together for 17 days in a beautiful display of unity and competition. Now what? Date: November 16, By Francine Lai. Can you say weddings, weddings, weddings? All your friends start getting engaged and before you know it, you realize your weekends are going to be dominated by weddings for the next few years.

Date: November 16, By Ayal Shmilovich. Part 1 of 3: Company Acquisition. One of the most exciting parts about working at a startup, especially in the tech sector, is owning stock in that company and having it be acquired. Acquisitions add tremendous wealth and value to the shareholders of companies and provide major incentives for people to work at smaller companies. Date: November 16, Your newfound wealth from your company being acquired is a great thing, but you need to make sure you avoid some of the pitfalls that plague people who suddenly come into a nice sum of money.

Here we will discuss some things you need to avoid to make sure your wealth is preserved, and even better, grown over time. Date: November 16, Competitive video gaming, otherwise known as eSports, has taken the world by storm. This phenomenon is the next big global movement that will eventually surpass traditional sports in viewership and revenue generated.

Date: November 16, In part one, I detailed the initial steps one should take when they receive a trust fund. These steps include, reading the trust documents, meeting with the trustee and reviewing the investments in the inheritance. Part two of the article details the remaining three steps one must take to best understand their trust fund.

Date: November 16, In my experience as a financial planner working with beneficiaries, I have created a short list of things to do to familiarize yourself with your trust fund. Knowledge is power, and informing yourself is the key to long-term success. In this two part article, I will focus on trust fund inheritances as these often have complex legalities associated with them.

Staying focused despite the day-to-day distractions of the market is never easy especially during periods of economic and political uncertainty. Date: November 16, Just because you might owe hundreds of thousands of dollars for your education does not mean you should forgo your other financial goals.

One of the biggest mistakes I see is someone funneling a lot of their take home pay into repaying their student loans. It is unlikely those people will live financially satisfying lives. Here are three smart steps to begin building a sound financial plan for those of you who have meaningful student loans. This is the perfect time to see what steps you can take in order to retire the way you have always wanted.

Here is a financial planning to-do list to consider while getting closer to retirement:. Date: November 16, It is tax season! We made it through another summer and a damp winter at least here in California. This year, I will share more ideas to help you keep more of what you make! Date: November 16, There is a lot of misinformation out there about financial planning and investments.

Below are four common money mistakes. If you identify with any, make the necessary changes and you will be that much closer to financial security. Date: November 16, You did it. You hit one of the biggest milestones in your life: retirement.

You might think there is nothing left to plan, but you have just entered a new phase of the financial planning process. A very important process, if done properly, that will allow you to enjoy the next 20 plus years in retirement. Date: November 16, How your advisor gets paid influences the quality of advice you receive.

Here are 3 kinds of arrangements that you should be aware of. Little changes in our daily lives can save some dollars and help the Earth too. For high income earners, this could be one of the only ways to get tax free growth. Date: November 16, Click here to read about the most common reasons investors make financial mistakes.

Date: November 16, Zach Bainter shares the truth about marijuana stocks. Date: November 16, For as much fun as my wife and I had with about of our closest family and friends, there were some key takeaways I wanted to bring up with any engaged couples out there; or single people planning their future wedding.

Date: November 16, For many years, the goal of retirement in your financial plan seemed like a distant dream. This is the perfect time to analyze your current financial situation and see what steps you can take in order to retire the way you have always wanted.

Date: November 16, We have more information available at our disposal than any other generation, and can access it the quickest. Although there is some great information out there, many young people are making basic mistakes. Date: November 16, Investment Advisor Nicholas Licouris suggests ways to approach your parents' retirement strategy. Date: November 16, Pride month is here once again!

In the spirit of Pride month, Robert Castillo highlights a few financial planning tips for LGBT people who wish to start a family by adopting. Date: November 02, The traditional world of entertainment creation and consumption continues to be challenged. Hollywood is still shaken up from the Harvey Weinstein news, but that's not their only problem. With Netflix leading the charge, other companies like Apple and Amazon fight to get their share of the new evolving film landscape.

See what Ross Gerber has to say in this Forbes article. This has lead to new investment opportunities for people wrap their minds around. Ross Gerber gives his insight in this Forbes article. Date: September 05, I'll admit it, I'm over forty now. Often, I think about the financial choices that "under forty" clients must make and the consequences of those decisions over a lifetime.

I'm a big believer in saving for the future, but I also believe you should enjoy your life along the way. You can achieve both by creating savings accounts for different short, medium and long term goals as well as following proper financial planning.

Here is my advice about things you should do before you turn forty. Date: August 31, Traditional cable television is being challenged with new advances in streaming services. Thanks to services like Netflix, consumers are now changing how they watch shows and they also want to be able to choose what they pay for. Will we see Apple enter the race? Ross Gerber contributes to this Forbes article.

Date: August 02, "We expect great numbers across the board. Date: July 31, Nearly every day, we get calls from a clients wanting to know how to invest in the marijuana industry. Still, finding a good way to invest in it remains problematic. The industry is simply too young, too fraught with risk and has too many unknowns hovering over it. Date: July 14, check out what CEO Ross Gerber has to say about how the sharing of passwords to stream shows affects the companies in the Malay Mail Online article.

Date: July 14, Snap shares have hit new lows! Date: May 31, There was once a time when mid-level bands with a modest following could make a decent living playing music. Times, however, have changed. It can be difficult, but discussing your finances is one the most important things to do with your loved ones. Date: May 01, Apple is relying on services revenue for growth.

That might not be so easy with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Google gunning for viewers dollars and eyeballs. Snapchat, or the newly dubbed Snap, Inc. Date: March 24, In the past, Gerber Kawasaki has delivered to you quarterly performance reports from our custodian LPL financial that show holdings, transaction activity and investment return information for your accounts.

As of January, , Gerber Kawasaki has made the decision to suppress delivery of such reports. Many factors played a part in this decision:. Date: March 24, Gerber Kawasaki is committed to keeping your information safe and secure. To protect your information, any emails that include your personally identifiable information PII are handled through the Proofpoint Email Encryption solution.

This article will take you through what you will experience when receiving an encrypted email from our office. Date: March 17, The US economy is no longer in crisis and has improved so much that the federal reserve has increased interest rates, good news for all those who have savings accounts, as they will finally see gains!

Watch star GK advisor, Robert Castillo, interviewed below. Date: March 15, Venice activists are calling on local residents to pull any support for their controversial, newly publicly-traded neighbor, Snap, Inc. Date: March 15, The Snap Inc. But the investors who are sticking around should expect a bumpy ride.

CEO Ross Gerber shares his thoughts. Fred Katayama reports. Date: March 15, Falling oil prices dragged down stocks on Tuesday ahead of an expected interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve on Wednesday. While there will always be startups with big dreams and innovative ideas, the rate at which the marketplace has matured over the last few years makes it hard to envision any of them being anything other than transitory niche players in this space. Date: March 03, Don't Snap it up just yet!

Check out the clip to hear Ross' thoughts on Snap stock. Date: February 28, Tesla has a vision for America's energy future. Combining Solar power, battery storage and electric cars, Tesla has the opportunity to help save the planet from climate change and become one of the biggest companies in the world.

Date: February 28, Real Estate has been one of the most popular vehicles for investing. However, it seems that, nowadays, people are using their property as an income source rather than a primary residence. Whether you purchase a house to "flip", reside in, or as a rental unit, here are some beneficial tips to keep in mind when you contemplate investing in real estate.

Date: February 28, Debating Wal-Mart vs. It is our obligation to make a copy available to you each year as well as notify you of any material changes. We enclosed a link to our current disclosure brochure for your convenient review. Date: February 13, As we continue to improve our new iOS app, My Money Page, we wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who are actively using it so far.

It is with your support and feedback that we are able to provide you with regular updates in an effort to improve the user experience. Date: January 28, Over the course of the next few installments of the Gerber Kawasaki Viewpoint, we will be highlighting key features of the My Money Page app that make it a unique standout in a world inundated with financial apps.

Just like your trusted Gerber Kawasaki advisor, this app is designed to work with you - and for you - to achieve long term success. Date: January 24, In a sign of the times, last year closed with the three most valuable companies in the world Apple, Google and Microsoft , based on market cap, all hailing from the tech sector. Date: December 22, Weight Watchers stock climbed, but Gerber Kawasaki's Ross Gerber tells Reuters' Fred Katayama people prefer using digital products to manage weight loss than count calories at the weight management chain.

Here is the link to the today's live show. Check it out. Date: December 03, Click through to watch. Date: December 01, This summer, the NHL expanded for the first time in more than 15 years, awarding a franchise to Las Vegas. Granted, while hockey is a religion in Canada, it barely moves the needle in the United States, save for cities such as Detroit, Boston and a few others with rich hockey traditions.

Date: December 01, The entrepreneurial workforce is alive and growing rapidly. With so many startups and businesses forming, the opportunities to make money have become endless. As a financial adviser, I work with many business owners and see similar problems within each situation.

They struggle with paying taxes, keeping track of expenses, saving money, or simply planning for the future. Here are some things to keep in mind. Two great Apple investors on the same show! Date: October 31, By Ross Gerber. The picture is grainy, the graphics archaic, and the sound quality poor. Date: October 28, Oct.

Click through to watch. Date: October 27, Oct. Click through to find out where Ross thinks investors should be focusing their attention, and what he has to say to Tesla haters. Date: October 21, October 17, -- Netflix reported huge third-quarter earnings today, blowing away all expectations in the process. CEO Ross Gerber exclaims, "if you're not in this company you're missing out on one of the greatest stories over the next decade when it comes to the entertainment industry.

Date: October 21, October 18, -- Curious about the psychology of money? Date: October 21, October 18, -- As Yahoo beats expectations with their first earnings report since the recent data breach, Richard Quest of CNN International called on CEO Ross Gerber to discuss the impending Verizon deal and what parts of Yahoo can be salvaged in order to make this acquisition successful.

Date: October 21, October 17, -- Shares of Netflix were soaring by Date: October 04, By Hatem Dhiab. Date: October 03, By Elijah Souza. On Friday, September 23, , the Los Angeles Dodgers put together an evening for the greatest broadcaster in the history of baseball, Vincent Edward Scully. Vin Scully Appreciation Night was filled with videos, images and speeches highlighting this man's unbelievable career.

My hope is that we all can look back on our careers with the same outlook as Vin Scully when we get to retirement age. Date: September 08, "It's definitely not a revolutionary company anymore. In light of yesterday's announcement of the iPhone7, Ross thinks Apple has plateaued. Click through to catch the bull vs. Date: September 08, We knew it was coming: Apple is getting rid of the headphone jack. Date: September 06, By Malcolm Jones.

Student debt is one of the biggest obstacles students face during and after college. Completing your degree, undergraduate or graduate, is a massive accomplishment-- one that should be met with self-congratulation and optimism for the future.

Date: September 02, CEO Ross Gerber thinks the Fed should stay away from raising interest rates for some time and let this economy get hot. Click through to listen to Ross on The Bloomberg Advantage. Date: August 19, "There's billions of potential customers.

I really think they're at the beginning. Date: August 19, Stocks fell from record highs today after talks of a September rate hike by the Fed. For Ross's thoughts on the current market, the election, and more, watch Tuesday's Reuters clip. Date: August 19, A great bullish vs. Do you agree? What's helped Disney to remain an entertainment superpower?

More in this CNN clip. Date: August 13, "Do your research. It's not that hard. The real issue? Date: August 03, At Gerber Kawasaki, we work to connect with the public in ways that they can enjoy — including social media and television appearances. Date: August 02, At 5 p. When it comes to personal finance, most college students need to be educated before they step foot in a dorm room.

But while the inhabitant of Pennsylvania Avenue can alter the lives of billions of people, history says presidential politics have a surprisingly small impact on your portfolio. When the Summer Olympics begin in Rio on Aug. But who really deserves gold? The families who scrimped and saved to get them there. Date: July 29, By Ross Gerber. Fads come and go. Some, arguably, are good, like certain diets that help people lose weight and live healthier lifestyles, but most are deeply regrettable.

Beanie Babies, for instance, were once a fad. So were Cabbage Patch Kids. Looking back, each was a bit embarrassing and, thankfully, they have all gone away. Can this momentum help turn UA into a global force, or will a lack of storefronts stop them short? It was classic showman Elon Musk. Then his much-hyped 1,word manifesto dropped and -- whiff. The maestro may have struck out. Investors are starting to look for him to do something new: deliver financial results, or at least a road map for them.

A great conversation about changing how young investors get their business news. Date: July 29, July 26, - Apple earnings beat expectations, but is it enough? Investors are relieved, but what does Tim Cook have to do to keep them happy? Ross's answer: be bold and use that cash!

Click through for more in this CNBC clip. Apple and Twitter continue to struggle with weak leadership and lack plans for long-term growth, Ross predicts Facebook's future is brighter than ever. Date: July 20, Yahoo Inc's quarterly earnings fell short of Wall Street expectations on Monday in what may be the company's last financial report before it sells its core business.

Yahoo reported adjusted earnings of 9 cents per share, short of the 10 cents that analysts expected. Date: July 15, July 13, - "Elon's got a lot of things going on at the same time, and he needs to be focusing on Tesla. Watch on Fox Business. Where does Amazon go from here? As its stock hits an all time high, CEO Ross Gerber gives his thoughts on the online retailer and its major sales event. Watch on CNBC. First up: Lululemon has taken the yoga world by storm, but will they be able to expand their reach globally?

Pokemon Go. Catch 'em all in this clip on Reuters. Date: July 06, By Ben Dunbar. There are plenty of articles out there written by fellow millennials to help you cope with [the "real world"] but most leave you in the dark when it comes to dealing with the newfound financial strain you may be facing. Believe it or not, there are a few easy financial steps you can take to help lower your stress and feel that much more prepared to take on the world.

It's easy to see why some are calling esports potentially the next big thing in tech, possibly surpassing the next version of the iPhone, driverless cars, and virtual reality. Video games have been big ever since Atari rolled out its gaming console during the early 80s. Now, games are becoming more realistic, intricate and immersive with each passing day. Date: July 05, By Malcolm Jones. Date: June 24, June 24, - So the unexpected happened, again.

In an unprecedented move, the UK voted to leave the European Union. What does this mean to you? Ross explains why he thinks Tesla's proposed acquisition of SolarCity is bad for Tesla shareholders. Now his plan to merge the electric-car maker with struggling SolarCity Corp. Date: June 24, June 20, - To invest or not to invest in Zuckerberg? Hear his thoughts on Facebook's leadership and where the company's headed.

The singular instance: a prospective client, a practicing architect, offered Candura a bartered exchange; the architect would create a home design, Candura would provide financial services. Date: June 15, No adviser thinks it is easy to talk clients into selling beloved stocks that are disrupting the balance of their portfolios. Click through for steps on how to watch Ross talk Twitter, hacking, and more! Date: June 09, Tuesday June 7, - Ross Gerber, Gerber Kawasaki CEO, explains the benefits of investing in Under Armour, whether it can overtake Nike's lead in the sports retail business, and why energy is still the best play to make in the markets.

Who is primed to take over the world of streaming? Watch to the very end to hear Ross and Danilo announce the winner. You can catch it all over on our Facebook page. Both Prince and Michael Jackson were amazing talents and that is no debate. Sadly, these amazing talents have both succumbed to the same tragic end by eerily similar means.

So, as in life, Prince and Michael Jackson will be compared in death. However, this article will not be a commentary on who is the better musician, nor about the problem of addiction, but a cautionary tale for poor estate planning.

Date: June 01, After a particularly brutal winter, the summer months are a welcome shift. For small business owners, the change in seasons should be a reminder to do some cleanup and organization. With summer around the corner, vacation plans are in full swing, and the pace at work usually slows down. It is the perfect time to organize your business and your finances.

Amazon rules the online retail market with services like Amazon Prime, but can their dominance carry over into the streaming world? See if our advisors can convince Ross and Danilo that Amazon is top dog. Ross discusses consumer stocks, adapting to online consumers and more on Reuters. Date: May 14, [Video in Spanish. Date: May 14, Instead of "leaning in," is Facebook leaning left? Our new show format splits episodes up into quick clips highlighting each company.

With their vast catalog of original content and record 67M subscribers, will Netflix continue to reign supreme in the world of streaming? While Apple continues to tumble, Ross is shifting his focus towards Disney and defense stocks.

Date: May 06, GoPro beat earnings on Thursday May 5th, but is it too little too late for the faltering camera maker? Is there any hope for a comeback? Check it out here. What move does Cook need to make to satisfy investors? Will Apple have a new big hit anytime soon?

Date: April 29, [Clip in Spanish. Date: April 29, Episode 2 - Social Media: Watch as three teams of GK advisors defend what they think is the next best opportunity in social media. Will Ross and Danilo be convinced that there's value in online dating? Will Facebook continue to reign supreme, or will they be replaced by a new major player? Date: April 29, I have learned some great lessons from the women in my family.

Date: April 21, The unofficial kickoff of the summer concert season started this past weekend with the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which takes place in the Indio desert east of Los Angeles, near Joshua Tree National Park. Attendees this year should be prepared to spend hundreds, if not thousands, to attend the much-loved music event. Date: April 19, Planning for retirement is a lifelong process, and there are different steps for you to take in every decade leading up to these years.

But the fact is what we are seeing today is not the slow, creeping death of the music industry — it's simply a reversion of it, one that is perhaps long overdue. Date: April 12, It's time to toss those dusty bank statements, and shop around for better rates. As the weather starts to get a bit warmer, you might be thinking about spring cleaning in your home.

Date: April 07, In , there were a number of notable developments in the technology sector. By Ross Gerber. Date: April 06, As the details of the U. Date: April 05, So in an era when sports are increasingly becoming global cultural and lifestyle imports, who are the big winners, outside of the leagues and television networks?

Look no further than the brands that both outfit these leagues and sponsor their stars. Date: April 01, Dividend investing is a perennial strategy for retirees. But with interest rates at historic lows, even going negative in some markets, investors of all stripes are looking to dividend stocks as a source of yield. For anyone considering a dividend strategy, the key is to focus on balance-sheet strength, says Ross Gerber. Click through for video link. Date: March 12, Virtual reality looks like the next big thing and of course, advertisers want in.

Is oil the key to a market comeback? How are politics coming into play, and which candidates are good for stocks? Ross answers these questions and more on CNBC. Date: March 12, Stocks soar as oil surges, and hopes that the worst is over are high. But are we out of the woods yet? Date: March 02, Every day, Ross Gerber and his team manually tackle the arduous task of ensuring recordkeeping of client communications from multiple channels.

Date: March 01, By Ross Gerber. No question, market fundamentals and the performance of the broader economy will inevitably impact the valuation of any public company. But such talk is a bit misguided with respect to the real reason why recent IPOs have generally failed: The very process for bringing new issues to market is broken, rife with serious conflicts of interests and essentially set up to fail retail investors. Date: March 01, You still have time to shelter some of your income.

If you want to bring down your tax bill, your best shot is to sock away any extra savings in your individual retirement account or health savings account. While most tax-reduction strategies, such as donating to charity, have to be put in place before the end of December, you can contribute to a traditional IRA or HSA for right up until the tax filing deadline.

Date: March 01, Thanks to the sharp drop in the price of oil and the strong dollar, you may pay less to travel than a year ago just by flying abroad. Date: February 05, [Click through to watch on Reuters] CEO Ross Gerber addresses how the domestic market is fairing despite global uncertainty.

Which sectors are most affected? What should your investments look like? Ross breaks it down for you on Reuters. Date: February 02, By Ross Gerber. Date: February 01, Love is grand. Love and money — eh, that's a little less grand. Hell, most of the time it's super complicated.

Talking about your finances with your partner can be super stressful. When, how, and why you choose to combine your money is a tough decision, and every couple handles it differently. Date: February 01, We often turn to movies for an escape, but many can teach us some valuable life lessons — especially when it to comes to managing money. From the disastrous effects of greed and corruption to the dangers of instant gratification, there are lots of movies with powerful financial lessons.

Spoiler: These flicks will teach you how NOT to handle your money. Date: January 27, Twitter users mostly disliked the largest executive exodus at the online social media company announced late on Sunday, with some notable tweets criticizing CEO Jack Dorsey and even speculating on potential acquirers.

Date: January 16, Over the past two weeks we have seen an unprecedented decline in global securities prompted by a trifecta of plunging oil prices, Chinese markets and the Fed beginning to raise interest rates. As I often have to do during times like this, I try to rationally explain what is happening so investors can make better informed decisions about their investments.

A letter from Ross Gerber. Date: January 04, Have you noticed that your social media news feed is morphing into a list of engagement stories or wedding pictures? As a financial advisor I am aware that not only has my social media news feed been changing, but so have the long-held social customs of planning a wedding.

By Kaytlin Hall, Advisor. Date: January 04, GK Advisor Francine Lai goes to bat discussing stocks for millennials to consider investing in. Who will take the top spot in the streaming world? Date: December 18, First there was Jobs Should there be concern over Apple's stock price? Date: December 08, To destroy ISIS, we must destroy their safe haven, and that means deploying ground troops and another war in the Middle East.

For investors the question becomes how will another Mid-East war change the investment landscape and who will benefit. Date: November 30, The holidays: a time to get together, celebrate with family and make questionable life choices. Whether it is drinking too much eggnog or bringing up old resentments, something about the holidays turns off the usual filters in our brains.

While every family's financial situation is unique, there are some tips to keep out of spending trouble. Date: November 30, This is the time of year when your mailbox starts to fill up with requests from dozens of needy causes, asking you to get into the holiday spirit by writing a check to help fund their charities. It can be tough to say no, but saying yes to all of them is generally not a wise fiscal move.

Follow these steps to take the stress out of giving this year. Here are some ideas how investors may profit from this amazing opportunity. Date: November 23, The end of the year has a variety of retirement planning deadlines you need to meet in order to qualify for tax deductions and credits.

Retirees also need to take action by specific dates to avoid retirement account penalties. Here are some of the retirement planning moves you need to make before next year. Date: November 10, The blowout U. For U. According to the conventional social science wisdom, we make the best financial decisions when we take emotions out of our decision-making completely. But a recent recent paper by university professors claims that gratitude produces superior financial decisions.

Date: October 30, The beginning of the school year can often lead to unexpected expenses, which makes this weekend the perfect time for students to sit down with their parents and check in on their budgets. To help get the conversation going, we outline starting points for students and parents. Date: October 30, Just like summer changes to autumn and then to winter, the stock market has its own seasons, too.

From November through April each year, the U. Is that a good thing? For the client? Access Orion's portfolio analytics and account insights within Asset-Map and save time better spent offering expert advice to your clients. Visualize your client's historical account value directly on each instrument. With the integration, you can click to launch Orion and view their Client Screen or Current Portfolio.

Click to launch Orion and view this individual account. Quickly and Easily create new households or update an existing household with our synchronization tool. The Asset-Map and Orion integration also supports single sign-on, so you can log in without needing to enter your credentials again. A Subscription to Orion Advisor. A Subscription to Asset-Map. Setup the integration. Get Support on this integration.

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Examples of previous megatrends, according to Jeff, consist of smartphones. The web was another megatrend, and financiers who chose the best internet business made a fortune. Now, Jeff thinks we're on the cusp of another megatrend and he wants to inform investors how to take part in this trend. Jeff Has a Tesla Camera in His Pocket Throughout the lengthy interview, Jeff claims his next huge opportunity is related to something he holds in his pocket right now.

Jeff is holding a Tesla sensor in his pocket. Jeff believes Tesla will continue to be dominant throughout the ESG investing pattern of the next decade. Undoubtedly, anyone can invest in Tesla however Jeff declares to have recognized a business that secretly does service with Tesla.

By investing in this company, financiers can purportedly earn a fortune. The sensing units enable each Tesla car to see up to meters in front of itself. Jeff claims Elon Musk has never ever publicly-identified the company, nor has Tesla discussed the company in any reports. We can't ruin the name and ticker symbol of that company upfront without destroying the report. Nevertheless, anybody can subscribe to The Near Future Report today to discover the name of the company.

According to Jeff, while Tesla's stock is expensive and definitely not secret , this supplier is under-valued. Jeff thinks the business's stock will increase immensely over the coming years as Tesla's self-driving vehicles continue to become more popular. In the future, you could park in your home, then let your Tesla drive around all night selecting up people and make money while you sleep.

What's Consisted of with The Future Report? By subscribing to The Future Report today, you get a bundle of benefit reports highlighting new financial investment chances recognized by Jeff Brown and his group. Toggle navigation. Friday, March 21, - pm Nadex recently added nighttime intraday, forex and international index, intraday binaries. Subscribe to:. Get pre-market outlook, mid-day update and after-market roundup emails in your inbox.

Market in 5 Minutes Market in 5 Minutes. Fintech Focus Fintech Focus. A daily collection of all things fintech, interesting developments and market updates. Thank You. Trending Recent. Popular Channels. Tocvan Announces Closing of Private Placement a

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