Intercambio de acciones de ImpossibleFoods

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Intercambio de acciones de ImpossibleFoods

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The SDG2 Advocacy Hub is a consortium of NGOs, advocacy groups, civil society, private sector and UN agencies that collaborate on campaigns that help achieve SDG2 - to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by Finding a future in farming in Guinea. Should I stay or should I go? This question is likely on the mind of hundreds of thousands of young people in developing countries wondering what the future holds for them at home and dreaming of a better life abroad.

What is the role of Information and Communication Technologies ICTs , media and digital technologies in empowering women and girls? Rural women make significant contributions to their communities in a variety of ways.

How public-private-producer-partnerships are transforming agriculture in Tanzania. Saada and Jerard are two young half-siblings, who were reunited through agriculture. Jerard was raised by his father in Iringa, a transport-hub in central Tanzania. Radio and mobile phones bring life-changing solutions to rural women. As thousands of farmers in central Tanzania battle with long spells of dry weather and erratic rainfall, with little hope of feeding their families, Juliana Yusuph is no longer worried.

This Kenyan farmer is modernizing — and maintaining a circular mindset. Recipes for Change: Licuri, chicken and rice. Try the recipe at home: Licuri, chicken and rice — Brazil. Recipes for Change: Umbuzada sertaneja. Try the Recipe at home: Umbuzada sertaneja — Brazil. Defining and measuring state fragility. No state wants to be defined as fragile. But J. The Index tracks and assesses the performance of countries on social, economic and political indicators to measure their fragility. Ground-breaking research helps make insurance available to smallholder farmers.

Farming is an uncertain and risky business, especially for poor smallholders in remote areas of developing countries. However, a new study shows how data gathered by satellite could help poor farmers manage their risks more effectively through index insurance. How avocados are making a difference in the Dominican Republic. In the pursuit of a better life. Pathe Ndiaye, 26, stands in the middle of an onion field in Kaolack, Senegal and succinctly sums up why he returned to his rural home after spending years in the city.

Caring for the Planet Starts from the Ground. Thouraya Lahmer and Aoun Ouni are two villagers from the south of Tunisia. Although they are not policy makers or soil experts, they both contribute to feeding the world. The Malian diaspora invests to offer young people a better future at home.

In Mali, young rural people find it difficult to borrow funds to start or develop their agricultural activities. This may now change thanks to the Babyloan Mali platform. Agriculture is finally on the agenda! Salaheddine Mezouar, talked about the triumphs of the Moroccan presidency and paid tribute to Fiji.

La historia de Silvia. Leading the way - new conference promotes rural solutions through SSTC. On November , high-level government representatives, development professionals, representatives of the private sector, members of international civil society and academia will meet in Brasilia at the first IFAD-organized conference to promote rural innovations and solutions through South-South and Triangular Cooperation SSTC for improved livelihoods in developing countries.

Ploughing for profits. Gavharbi Ahmadova and Faizov Kamarali are both from the Khatlon region in Tajikistan but from different villages. Although they have never met, they have a lot in common - they both struggle to sustain their families with a steady income through farming, an almost impossible task given the near absence of agricultural machinery with which to cultivate land and harvest crops on time. World Food Day - Changing the future of migration. When Mosammat Karfunnesa, 50, was raising her four sons in rural Bangladesh, she could not afford to send them to school, and her husband, a rural laborer, was often unemployed.

But despite these challenges, Karfunnesa never gave up on wanting to make a difference for her family. IFAD has partnered with CSAYN because of their shared passion for raising awareness of climate change impacts and actions amongst young people in rural communities. Celebrating the International Day of Rural Women.

October 15 is the International Day of Rural Woman and a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of rural women around the world. Rural women play key roles in their families, communities and countries, and yet they are often severely disadvantaged, economically, socially and politically. Sorghum - a new hope in dry times. While droughts devastate maize yields in parts of Kenya, IFAD supports farmers to grow more resilient crops, such as short-stemmed sorghum.

On the ground in Ethiopia. Investing in rural development matters more than ever. Global hunger is on the rise again after steadily declining for over a decade, according to the latest report on the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World. Recipes for change: Kenya Muviku. Try the Recipe at home: Muviku - Kenya. New research finds the potential of waste reuse for small farmers worldwide. New research shows how food, agro-industrial and human waste can support food security and sustainability around the world.

Better feed for cows benefits dairy farmers in India and Tanzania. Creating opportunities for rural youth is more urgent than ever. By creating employment opportunities for rural youth, countries can reap the demographic dividends of a young vibrant workforce. Organics offer new opportunities to young farmers in the Pacific Islands. By having their products certified as organic, Pacific Island farmers are raising their incomes, increasing their resilience and maintaining their cultures.

Searching for a better way to farm. With her granddaughter in hand, Ruth Stephen Chileshe proudly shows off the large iron-roofed brick house she recently built selling maize, cassava, beans and ground nuts from her small farm in rural Zambia. Only 10 meters down the pathway stands the remnants of her old and much smaller home. Rural poor people in Madagascar strengthen resilience through land tenure.

They cite studies from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, which show increasing soil carbon by 0. Rumpel chairs the scientific and technical committee of the 4 for initiative launched by France in If the carbon level in the top cm of soils were increased by 0. The carbon farming pilot in Maharashtra will make a small contribution to the global goal of improving 1. Under the project, farmers would be compensated for increases in soil carbon by contributions from individuals, private companies, and NGOs concerned about climate change.

One of the contributors is Prabhakar Tamboli, a professor of Agriculture at the University of Maryland. But this could change if the project is expanded after the pilot phase. The verification and validation of the soil increases would be conducted independently by Zenith Energy Climate Foundation, Hyderabad. Reddy has participated in a number of projects requiring measurement of greenhouse gases under terms of the Kyoto Protocol, but admits that establishing baselines and measuring carbon storage in agriculture, a new activity, could be a challenge.

The farmers involved in carbon farming, however, are up to the challenge. Parshuram Agivale, a pioneer farmer who has been practicing no-till rice cultivation for six years, says SRT has changed his life. I have been able to send my daughter to a nursing school and she is now a nurse. Sitting under a banyan tree on his 2-acre farm, Agilve, along with other farmers participating in the project, shared ideas and excitement on being among the first to take up carbon farming.

They recognized they were making a contribution not only for their children but also for the planet by storing carbon in their soils. Reposted with permission from Food Tank. To athletes, body-hackers, and health-conscious consumers, he is the owner of White Oak Pastures, which ships humanely-raised, non-GMO, grassfed proteins to their doorsteps.

Almost everyone these days has been educated that carbon emissions from industrialized beef production are a startlingly large contributor to man-made climate change. The global impacts of global pollution are so terrifyingly vast and all-encompassing that fully comprehending the potential consequences can prove difficult for the human mind.

If it continues unchecked, scientists warn 1 of an increase in extreme weather including rising sea levels, intensified and more frequent wildfires, devastating flooding, stronger hurricanes and prolonged droughts — all of which are projected to have colossal and costly impacts on public health, agriculture, politics, economic growth and human migration. While most people think of the burning of fossil fuels as the primary driver of pollution, data point to industrial agriculture as the greatest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions.

This includes deforestation, agriculture, food waste and food processing, packaging, refrigeration and transportation. This includes organic regenerative agriculture , 4 which promotes soil health, biodiversity , soil carbon sequestration and large-scale ecosystem restoration such as reforestation and the restoration of peatlands, mangroves, salt marshes and other important ecosystem habitats capable of drawing down and storing excess atmospheric carbon.

That means the fate of the entire planet may lie in the hands of just two generations, because what happens in the next 50 to years from now will depend on how humans address climate change today, Wallace-Wells says. In the featured video, Rogan and Wallace-Wells discuss how climate change is worsening wildfires in California, causing the fires to burn hotter and more frequently.

Science shows California wildfires could get up to 60 times worse as climate change intensifies, says Wallace-Wells. There are a number of ways in which climate change may be intensifying California wildfires. For starters, hotter temperatures can create a drying effect, turning once-green vegetation into flammable wildfire fuel. Development and urban sprawl are another reason wildfires could get a lot worse in California.

But in places like Bel-Air, a ritzy upper-class neighborhood in Los Angeles, the effects of climate change are working in reverse as it has largely been the ultrarich who are most affected by wildfires. The damage has been both destructive and costly. Reposted with permission from Mercola. This is fuelling climate change — and compromising our attempts to feed a growing world population, the authors will say.

Problems include soils being eroded, compacted by machinery, built over, or harmed by over-watering. Hurting the soil affects the climate in two ways: it compromises the growth of plants taking in carbon from the atmosphere, and it releases soil carbon previously stored by worms taking leaf matter underground.

Martha Shulski, our State Climatologist who co-authored the 4th National Climate Assessment, eerily foretold to a large group of farmers that we are moving into a new era of weather extremes. Shulski also noted it was likely that as farmers, we would need to consider a change in our farming practices due to extreme climatic events if we expected to maintain sustainable businesses.

Only 3 months later the Bomb Cyclone hit the midwest, and a perfect storm of conditions led to a series of catastrophic flooding events that cost our farmers millions of dollars. Many of these costs took years of sweat investment and will never be recovered. As the water recedes, at least for now, Nebraskans face an unknown climatic future. While the future may be uncertain, there is no doubt the recent events have sent a ripple across the Great Plains.

Ever since its creation in , Regeneration International has been working locally to strengthen a global movement of solidarity. So far, regenerative farms or projects located in 55 different countries are part of the Regeneration International Partner Network.

Since the beginning of the year, several workshops, conferences and regional and international meetings have been held to nourish and connect the global regeneration movement. Regeneration Belize held its first General Assembly.

Intercambio de acciones de ImpossibleFoods fact fiction and momentum investing returns Intercambio de acciones de ImpossibleFoods

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